2nd Week of School

Tomorrow students are going to signup for the Remind website tomorrow in class therefore, if they have cell phones they should bring them to class tomorrow.  They were told last week.  Please keep in mind that ALL cell phones still need to remain in their lockers.  If a student does not have a cell phone the Remind website does work with e-mail as well.  Students and Parents should both signup.  I will discuss it a little more at Open House this Wednesday at 6:00 PM.  Students in my advisory will be writing out their schedules so parents can have them when they come Wednesday.  Students need to make sure that not only all their classes are listed, but their teachers, room numbers, locker number and combinations (in case parent want to investigate their child’s organization skills).  I look forward to meeting everyone this week.

Also, science text books will be distributed tomorrow.  I clearly demonstrated how to put a book cover on them.  Please have them covered as soon as possible.  If it is a problem any student can bring a grocery bag and see me in the morning or after school and I will show that process again.

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