December 9

Francine Prose “I Know Why The Caged Bird Cannot Read”

  • Read essay closely and critically (Circle key words, main ideas in left margin and rhetorical strategies in right margin). 
  • Decide on roles:  a notetaker/facilitator/graphic designer/speaker(s) from your team.
  • Read chunks/annotate/discuss cycle-agree on reading homework
  • Prepare to present your ideas on Friday in an organized presentation that includes:  her claim (evidence) and yours, Rhetorical strategies, and graph/visual…

Your team’s claim (on Pierce’s stance and evidence-CLE-, her rhetorical style, and how her style/helps or hinders her purpose)

December 2

Emerson “from Education”


In class today, students took a CLE practice (short essay form). For homework, students read Emerson’s essay closely and critically (left margins: main ideas/right margins: rhetorical strategies) and articulate in 1-2 sentences Emerson’s claim. Students who got a 7 or below on their last reading entry must do a reading entry for Emerson to try to improve their performance. Here is a link to the essay:

November 18

RE#7 and Progress Check #1

Greetings: In class today, we took AP Progress check #1 (AP college board website). This will be a weekly/biweekly check on reading/rhetorical strategies and claim/evidence standards. Students also turned in RE#7 in first hour and are working on it in 5th. Students received a copy of Freire’s essay “The Banking Concept of Education” to start off our unit on education. For Friday, please read the essay, and for RE#8-chunk the text, articulate the essay’s claim and consider Freire’s use of rhetorical strategies to enhance his claim. Here is a link to the essay. It is probably a good idea to work on it in increments and not wait till the last day to read it all…

November 11

End of CM2

Greetings: As this is the final week of CM2, please take note:

  • All work on google classroom needs to be completed by due date (no extensions)
  • Summative Reading Entry (Choose any of your past reading entries and turn in again/you may polish it before turning it in. Make sure you self assess first using the rubric given in class).
  • WE#3-This will ready us for the new writing for our next unit on Education
  • CM2 Data Sheet (in class)
  • CM2 Reflections (Google Classroom)
  • Reader’s Workshop Make-up (Tuesday and Thursday 2:20-2:50 pm)…
November 5

Finishing up with Team Quiz


Students will finish presenting a comparison/Contrast of claims and structures for both Mencken and De Toqueville’s essays on language….Then we will finish with short representative pieces on language on Thursday…Reader’s Workshop #7 will be on teacher selected readings…

October 28

CFA2 (AP/SAT Style)

Greetings: In class today, students took an SAT/AP style CFA (Common Formative Assessment)…They were asked to to explain their answers to each question they answered…Tomorrow, we resume work on our anchor essays in teams…Presentations on Wednesday….

October 24

Team Task

Focus:  Assessing Understanding: de Tocqueville/Mencken

  • Text Structure/Rhetorical Strategies
  •  Claim/Main Ideas
  •  Engagement (Audience)

Task:  Compare/Contrast both authors’ claims and how these claims are represented in the structure (Organization, rhetorical strategies, Syntax)of their respective texts (essays)….


  • Claims (using main ideas)    /4
  • the author’s structuring of  text to convey purpose? /4
  • Audience Engagement in texts /4

Please show your thinking in a presentation to the class that all members of the team must participate in using a chart/graph/video/picture/etc…that shows close, and critical, reading of texts…In other words, I want your metacognitive process on display…./4

October 14

Orwell quiz and Independent Reading Workshop #1

Today in class, we went over Orwell quiz from last week…students looked at their incorrect responses and made notes on their answer sheets to help steer them on future quizzes…They then used the rest of the time to catch up on their independent reading time…Workshop #1 (5th hour) began with logging our reading books then spending 30 minutes reading from them. They are expected to read 11-15 pages from them daily at home.

October 8

Reflections on CM1 and More:

  1. In about 3 paragraphs reflect on CM1
  • What went well for you? habits/skills/etc…
  • What did not go well?
  • What do you hope to change? Goals for CM2? What is the grade you earned?
  • Read AOW closely and Critically...With your team table, discuss main ideas and key vocabulary-(RE#3 Chart)
  • Tomorrow:  Rhetorical strategies/examples/ Response
  • Search and Find a book for Reader’s Workshop (Friday)2.