June 1

Prove and Justify reminders

To write a math proof, you need to start with what is GIVEN and end with what you are being asked to PROVE.

These reminders may help you to get from the given to the proven.

Geometry Proofs
Handout H4: Proofs statements, reasons, conditions chart. - RSU-2 ...

I’m available if you have any questions. Email me or join our video chat on Tuesday from 9-10 PM on iLearn.

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May 28

Week 6 Quadrilateral Property Assignment

What I do is first identify the shape, if I can. Then, I determine whether I am solving for a side, an angle or a diagonal. I use this chart to help me remember the specific property for the shape I have. From the property, I can write an equation. If opposite sides are congruent, I make the side given and the side I am solving for equal to each other. If adjacent angles are supplementary, I add the two adjacent (angles next to each other) together to equal 180, since supplementary means the angles add up to 180.

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May 16

Geometry Assignment Week of 05/17- 05/21

Geometry Volume Sculpture Project

This assignment is the last one that seniors must complete!

It is due on Thursday, May 21 since Friday is a holiday.

Please find 3 different 3d objects (prisms, cylinder, cone, sphere, cube, pyramid)
Measure the appropriate measurements (length, width, height, diameter)
Find the volume for each shape
Build a sculpture/ creation out of the 3 shapes
Take a picture and submit in the above powerpoint

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May 6

To Join Big Blue Button on iLearn


  1. To join a Video Conference, click Join Session
    Join a session على إضغط
  1. Make sure to choose Microphone and not
    Listen only
    إضغط على رمز المیكروفون
  1. Allow access to camera and microphone, if
    إضغط على
    Allow لتشغیل المیكروفون والكامیرا
    الصوت / Audio

  1. By default, you will be muted. If you want to use
    your microphone, click the microphone along the
    . إضغط على رمز
    عند دخول الجلسة، سیكون المیكروفون معطل تلقائیا
    المیكروفون عند الحاجة إلى التواصل.
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May 5

Teacher Appreciation Week

Today is teacher appreciation day, but all this week is teacher appreciation week.

This is a really good time to reflect back on your high school career so far. What teachers went above and beyond for you?
What teachers made you feel special? Smart?
What teachers are you going to remember the most?

Can you drop them a line, a quick thank you? We really do appreciate it when our students thank us!

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May 5

Chat Tonight

To chat with me tonight:
1) Login to iLearn (you should be already enrolled)
2) click on the course with my name (if you don’t see it email or text me)
3) click on the blue b button
4) join

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May 3

Week 3: May 4-8

You have a new assignment transformations (changes to figures) due Friday.

To help you get started with remembering transformations, play around with this desmos to jog your memory. Login with your student gmail account if you want me to give you some feedback on how you’re doing.

Here are some common rules to help:

Here’s how each transformation effects a figure:

CLTC maths: transformations – GeoGebra

Some teachers might be doing Big Blue Button video chat, so be sure to check in by logging into your iLearn account.

Otherwise, be sure to email or comment in google classroom to check in with your teacher for this week.

Keep up the good work Pioneers!

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April 28

Chat with Mrs. Karazim

If you’d like to talk or ask questions, join my video chat from 9-10 PM tonight and every Tuesday.

To join the chat
1) login to iLearn
2) click on Mrs. Karazim’s Intervent class
3) click on the “b” button to join the video chat
4) click join

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