One Last Thing! Report Cards!

Report cards will be mailed to you in the coming days. In each subject, students have received an “M”, a “P”, or an “LP.”

  • M – “Meeting.” The student turned in the majority of the work in the subject and it met grade-level expectations.
  • P – “Progressing.” The student turned in some work in the subject of a quality that approached grade-level expectations.
  • LP – “Limited Participation.” This means I received very little work in the subject and so was unable to grade.

This was a difficult time for students and family members, and I recognize some grades reflect these strange circumstances rather than your student’s ability. Please recognize that I only gave out “LP”s and “P’s in the effort to help your student and family see what subjects should be especially focused on in the fall. The same can be said for my comments. Lindbergh and the district will not hold this time against any student. Grades and comments serve the purpose of letting us all know how we should progress from here to support your child.

I will be intermittently available via email if you have questions.

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