Thursday, 6/4/20

Please note that since I will be assisting with pick up and drop off (see below), and will be doing other non-instructional work responsibilities, I will not be as available as usual. I will also have office hours. Please reach out to me via Remind if at all possible.

Pick Up and Drop Off of Materials Today

Today there is an opportunity to drop off school materials at Lindbergh and pick up student belongings that were left before the building closed. Please prepare to follow Ms. Tiba’s instructions:

Please make sure you return any school resources you have. Many students in our classroom have my personal classroom materials, and I would like to have these for future years. Here are some common items your student may have:

  • Social studies textbooks
  • Books from our classroom library (most of them have “Juntunen” written somewhere on the book)
  • Book boxes
  • Protractors

Schedule for the Week

All work is due by tomorrow, so please check over the assignment calendar and support your student in finishing everything. Work today is light and tomorrow is a catch up day to give students time.

4th Grade Weekly Schedule:

5th Grade Weekly Schedule:

Music, PE, Art, and Science Enrichment

Students have weekly assignments for each of their special classes. Students can find these assignments on Google Classroom under the Classwork tab. These assignments are required and will factor into report card grades for those subjects. Please pay attention to the due dates on these assignments, as they may be different from mine.


There is no new math lesson. Fourth graders should make sure they finish lesson 2 on Zearn, and fifth graders should get through lesson 13.


1- Thank You Notes for Specials Teachers: There are four assignments under the “writing” tab, one for each specials teacher. Students should use the Google Doc on each assignment to write a thank you note to these teachers, as these teachers work with our students year after year and dedicate so much to them. Please have students take their time and ensure that these notes are accurate. I will accept these until June 10th, as I will be sharing them with teachers on the last day of school.

2- The Personal Narrative Final Copy is due today! Please see instructions on Google Classroom.

3- As always, students should read for 30 minutes.

Social Studies

Nothing new! Finish the assignments from earlier this week.

My Availability

I will be intermittently available from 9 am to 3:30 pm on the following platforms:

-Remind (link:

-Email (

-I am no longer offering teacher office hours, but can something up upon request (see below).

-I can also set up a phone call with you for the following day if you need support that cannot be fully addressed over Remind or email. Since I will also be focusing on my family during this time, I cannot guarantee a same-day phone call.

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