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Welcome to Language Arts with Mrs. Orzechowski.  We are in for an exciting year filled with challenges and opportunities.  Use this site to find information on what we did in class and where to print information you may have missed.

1st Period-Honors LA 3/4

2nd Period-Honors LA 3/4

3rd Period-Honors LA 3/4


5th Period-LA 5/6

6th Period-LA 5/6

Honors 10 Syllabus: Orzechowski HLA 4 Syllabus 2018

LA 11 Syllabus: LA5.Syllabus.2017

Please contact me at: orzechj@dearbornschools.org for the quickest response.


1. Looking to practice reading/writing and other grammar skills? All students have a login and password to use Khan Academy. Students can practice actual SAT assessments here: https://www.khanacademy.org/

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