Homework 5 DUE FRIDAY

Use the scientific calculator app or online and write out the question!

1. The yellow light given off by a sodium vapor lamp used for public lighting has a wavelength of 589 nm. What is the frequency of this radiation? (Hint: 10^9 nm in one meter)

2. A certain microwave has a wavelength of 0.032 meters. Calculate the frequency of this microwave.

3. A radio station broadcasts at a frequency of 590 KHz. What is the wavelength of the radio waves? KHz = 1,000 Hz

Homework 4 Due Wednesday February 26th

Question 1: What is light?

Question 2: How is a light wave different than a sound wave?

Question 3: Why are there seven different types of EM waves if they are all made of an electric and magnetic field?

Question 4: Assume the wavelength of a EM wave in a vacuum is known or given. How would you solve for the frequency of the wave?

Question 5: Distances in space are often quoted in units of light years, the distance light travels in one year. How would go about calculating the number of meters in 1 light year?

Homework 3 DUE FRIDAY 2/7

Question 1: How does the state of matter depend on the speed of sound? How does temperature affect the speed of sound? (Complete Sentences)

Question 2: Explain the difference between decibel level and pitch in great detail. (Complete Sentences)

Question 3: Provide an example a of low and high pitch sound. Research the frequency of your examples. (Complete Sentences)

Question 4: Provide an example of a low and high amplitude sound. Research the decibel level of your examples. (Complete Sentences)

Question 5: Describe how it is possible to shatter a glass with a human voice. (Complete Sentences)