Whitmore Bolles School Social Worker

Dearborn Public Schools

Indoor Games for the Family

on January 31, 2019

“River Crossing”

This game is very similar to “The floor is lava,” but with a challenging twist!

First, the players should collect items that could be used as stepping stones (pieces of cardboard or fabric, styrofoam plates, etc).  The smaller the stepping stones are, the more challenging it will be!  Use one less stepping stone than the number of members playing; so, if you have 4 people playing, use 3 items.  Everyone then agrees on a starting point and a destination.  The players move the stepping stones to create a path, so each player can reach the destination.  After each item is placed on the floor, at least one player has to be touching the stepping stone at all times.  If a stepping stone is placed on the floor and no one is touching it, the stone must be removed from the game.  Each family or group playing can make up their own silly rules for consequences when a player steps off of the stepping stone onto the “lava” floor (player has to be blindfolded, they can only use one hand, etc.).

This game is a great for building teamwork, practicing communication and group problem solving skills, and having some fun indoors!


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