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Nicole Alward

3rd Grade

Sharing information with others

Today you will be adding a slide with your information source and adding transitions and animations.

Last week you should have completed slides 1-4

Slide 1Title Slide – It should have your name, the name of your favorite animal, and a picture of the animal. 

Slides 2-4: Slides with one fact each

Today’s Requirements

  • Add slide transitions
  • Animate the image on the title slide
  • Add Slide 5: Sources. Copy and paste the MLA article citation from World Book Kids

Link to World Book Kids

When you are done, share it with me

To access Google Slides, Log into Clever. Remember your email address is your student number with


When you are done, you may use Code. org

Content Objective:I can use a computer to communicate with others.

Language Objective: I can use pictures and words to share factual information.

Tech for 3rd Graders

September Lessons – Bruce Pantaleo

  • Lesson #1:
    -Review of rules and procedures
    -Book care and etiquette
    -Review the neigborhoods
    Read aloud:  Finding Winnie  Part 1 (Mattick)

– Logging in/logging out
-Review of familiar terms  (desktop/toolbar/scrollbar/browser)
-Quick searches (finding Long and DuVall blog)
-Placing useful sites on the bookmark bar/using bookmarks
-Revisiting the links on “Useful Links for Everyone”
-Leaving a clean lab/logging out
I can place the Long and DuVall blog page on my toolbar.


  • Lesson #2:
    -What makes a good fit book?
    -Elements of fiction
    -Popular elementary series
    Read aloud:  Finding Winnie  Part 2 (Mattick)



– Review the following terms:  logon screen, desktop, bookmarks bar,
icon, logoff/shutdown
– Opening Long and DuVall blog from the Bookmarks Bar
– Logging in and keyboarding using Google Docs
I can navigate to the BookFlix site all by myself.  

  • Lesson #3:
    -More with fiction
    -Making sense of spine labels
    Read aloud:  Sam and Dave Dig a Hole  (Barnett)
  • Lab:
    – More with Google Docs
    – Type the Pledge of Allegiance on a Google Doc
    – Shift vs. Caps Lock
    – Read a BookFlix/Storyline Online/Myon eBook
    – Logging in and using (6 minutes)
    I will concentrate on using the Shift key when making capital letters.
  • Lesson #4:
    – Continue the Pledge of Allegiance
    – Using online and dictionary, thesaurus, and rhyming dictionary.
    – Trick:  Quick Command       Copy:  (Control + C) Paste:  (Control + V)
    Activity:  Define the challenging words in the Pledge and add them to your Doc.

October Lessons

  • Lesson #1:
    – Pledge of Allegiance (define the challenging words)
    – MyOn
    Read aloud:  The Widow’s Broom (Van Allsburg) Part 1
  • Lesson #2:
    – Continue with discussion on book series (ordering books for the library)
    – Continue with the Pledge Activity
    -MyOn, MobyMax,, BookFlix
    Read aloud:  The Widow’s Broom (Van Allsburg) Part 2
  • Lesson #3:
    – Continue Pledge
    – Utilize the online thesauras and rhyming dictionary
    Read aloud:  Diary of a Worm (Cronin) /Scaredy Squirrel (Watt)
  • Lesson #4:  MyOn (Halloween Hide and Seek)/ Space Case (BookFlix)/ Finish Pledge

November Lessons

  • Lesson #1:  MyOn Project (Animals)/ Pledge/Choice time   RA:  Grandfather’s Journey (Say)
  • Lesson #2:  Word Cloud:  School   RA:  A Fine, Fine School (Creech)
  • Lesson #3:  Acrostic Poem:   type Thankful
  • Lesson #4:  Reward Week

December Lessons

  • Lesson #1:   Destiny/MyOn/     RA:  Courage (179 Waber)
  • Lesson #2:   Destiny/MyOn/   RA:  Tuesday (Wiesner)
  • Lesson #3:   Destiny/MyOn/ Case   RA: Dogs (Simon)

January Lessons

  • Lesson #1:  More Destiny
  • Lesson #2:  Cyber Five/More Destiny/  RA:  The Best Story (Spinelli)
  • Lesson #3:  Destiny Quest/Adding a Chrom app/MyOn / RA: A Bad Case of Stripes(Shannon)
  • Lesson #4:  Preparation for Destiny Test

February Lessons

  • Lesson #1:  Destiny Test/Introduction to Slides project/Google Maps
    RA:  Saturdays and Teacakes (Laminack)
  • Lesson #2:  Slides/Another chance to pass your Destiny test/Themes and Layouts
  • Lesson #3:  More Slides/ Introduce and explore Google Maps RA: The Mysteries of Harris Burdick   (Van Alsburg)
  • Reward Week!

March Lessons

  • Lesson #1:    More Slides (research project)
  • Lesson #2:    Continue research project presentation
  • Lesson #3:    Continue research presentation   RA:  Olivia Goes to Venice  (Falconer)
  • Lesson #4:    Continue research presentation (transitions)   RA:  Lon Po Po (Young)
    or one of the Lagoon books (Thaler)

April Lessons

  • Lesson #1:   Spring Break
  • Lesson #2:   Continue presentations   RA: The Garden of Abdul Gasazi (Van Alsburg)
  • Lesson #3:   Continue presentations
  • Lesson #4:   Finish presentations   RA:  Runny Babbit  (Silverstein)

May Lessons

  • Lesson #1:    More Google Sheets     RA:  Zoom  (Banyai)
  • Lesson #2:   Create a Reading Log    RA: Thank You, Mr. Falker  (Polacco)
  • Lesson #3:   Storyboard That        RA: Flotsam  (Weisner)
  • Lesson #4:   Reward Week!

June Lessons

  • Review/Final Project
  • Review