End of Class – Grade 2

Acrostic Poems

Addition Math Monster

Bees and Honey

Bobby’s Busy Bakery



Capitalization (3rd)

Capstone Interactive

Capstone Kids

Circle the Cat


Color, Draw, and Paint

Cyber Five

Dance Mat Typing

Dearborn Public Library

Dictionary (Miriam-Webster)

Dictionary (Enchanted Learner’s Picture)

Duck  (A brainteaser)

ESL  Games

Google Classroom

Hour of Code (Angry Birds/Ice Age/Zombies)  https://studio.code.org/hoc/1

Hour of Code (1st grade – drag and drop)

Hour of Code (1st grade – N,E,W,S)

Hour of Code (1st grade – bees)

Hour of Code (1st grade – artist)

Hour of Code (1st/2nd/3rd grade – more bees)

Hour of Code (1st grade – shapes)

Hour of Code (More coding courses)

Hour of Code

Interactive Sites for Education

Internet Safety

 Learning Coins

Keyboarding Zoo (keyboarding 1,2)

Keyboard Climber (keyboarding 1,2)

KIDDLE Research Tool (Grades 2 & 3) 

Kid’s Government 

Kids Psych

Maggie’s Earth Adventures – Grammar, Math, & Science

Make a Pizza (mouse skills – 1)

Make a Snowman (mouse skills – 1)

Math is Fun

Math Lines

Math Man Addition Challenge

Math Place Value

Math Playground

Math Playground – Addition & Subtraction Tasks

Math Playground – Area & Perimeter

Math Playground – Coordinate Grid


Mouse Practice (The Bubble Game)

Mousercise (Links)

My Storybook

National Geographic Books

NASA (Grade 3)

Pattern Maze Game

Pattern Memory

PBS Spelling Games

Poetry for Kids

Proofreading (Grade 3)

Raz-Kids (If your school uses it.)

Rhyme Zone (Rhyming dictionary/Thesaurus)

Ruff Ruffman – Humble Media Genius

Science Websites



Shape Names

Shel Silverstein. com


Storyline Online

Sugar, Sugar  (A strategy game)

Sugar, Sugar 2 (More strategy)

Testing Practice (M-Step, Literacy/Numeracy 1,2)

That Quiz Math

Thesaurus (Rhyme Zone)

Thinking Blocks – Addition and Subtraction

Thinking Blocks – Fractions

Timeline (3-5)


Twinkle Twinkle activity

Typing: Big Brown Bear

Typing: Ghosts

Typing: Keyboarding (Cup Stacking)

Typing: Keyboarding – Trick or Type

Typing: Task (Bubbles)



Venn Diagrams

What’s in the Bag? (ReadWriteThink)

World Book for Kids

Word Bingo

Word Central

Word Machine (letter sounds – 1)

Word Wizard (K-2)