Howe Green Team

Dearborn Public Schools

Next Green Team meeting 10/15


Bottles Needed by 10/11 – We will be doing our bottle composter projects since we did not have enough bottles last time. Please bring a clean, dry 2-liter empty pop bottle. We will be making composters. Also bring a kitchen towel this will be used to cover the composter when not in use, so don’t send your favorite one. Please send extras if you have them. I will try to start cutting the tops off.

Pictures – We need to take pictures of each meeting. If you took pictures of the meeting (Alecia and Ali M) you should add them to this file that Mia started for us. GREEN TEAM PICTURES Please no more than 3-4 slides per meeting. Make your pictures smaller and add a few words about what we did that day. Be sure to add the date. Mia please make your pictures smaller and use only 3-4 slides.

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