Monday 4-22-2019

After reviewing the class expectations and the remaining school-year calendar, we began to introduce Ch. 29. Students also completed the A Fight and Friends intro and the Long Term Causes of WW I Handout. Students were then given time to work on the Ch. 29 sec. 1-2 Questionsdue on Wednesday!

State testing tomorrow.

Thursday 4-18-2019

Students took the Ch. 28 sec. 1-2 Test, and then we watched a few scenes from The Last Samurai.

No school tomorrow.

Tuesday 4-17-2019

Students completed the Meiji Restoration Handouts, and then answered Questions  over the Ch. 28 sec. 2 Textbook Talkie. Students also completed the Meiji Photo Set.

Students received a copy of the Study Guide to help prepare for tomorrow’s Ch. 28 sec. 1-2 Quest.

Tuesday 4-16-2019

Students took a quiz suing yesterday’s Ch. 28 sec 2 Table. We then went over the Haiku ID and listened to student examples.  After watching a clip on Comm. Perry, students created an Origami Samurai Hat.

Ch. 28 sec. 1-2 Quest on Thursday!

Monday 4-15-2019

Students completed the Opium Wars handout, and then we discussed Friday’s Samurai and Knights Questions. We then answered Questions over the Ch. 19 sec. 3 Textbook Talkie.

Students then completed the Haiku ID handout, and then were given time to work on the Ch. 28 sec 2 Tabledue tomorrow.

Thursday 4-11-2019

The Ch. 27 Test results were passed back and discussed at the start of the hour.  We introduced China and Japan in Ch. 28, and then students completed the Qing China handout. Students also answered questions over the Ch. 28 sec. 1 Textbook Talkie. Students then worked on the Treaty of Nanjing handout and the Ch. 28 Sec 1 Questions — due tomorrow.

Thursday 3-28-2019

Students took the Ch. 27 Test during class.

We also began to discuss the April Testing Schedule and the Calendar for the rest of the school year.

Wednesday 3-27-2019

Students completed the Views on Imperialism Primary Sources Questions questions, and then watched a clip on the history of Hawaii. Students also received a copy of the Ch. 27 Study Guide to help prepare for tomorrow’s Ch. 27 Test.

Tuesday 3-26-2019

We went over yesterday’s India Guided Reading Notes and then the students completed the British India (1858-1947) Handout. We also went over the Ch. 27 sec. 3-5 Questions answers.

Ch. 27 Test on Thursday.

Monday 3-25-2019

Friday’s Ch. 27 sec. 3-5 Questions were collected at the start of the hour. After discussing the Ch. 27 sec. 3 Notes + Map, students completed the India British East India Company and the  India Sepoy Mutiny Handouts. Students were also given time to work on the India Guided Reading Notes — due tomorrow.