March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month and we’re excited to kickoff the month with the Book Fair and a special event for our families!
The Book Fair will run next week commencing with our very first GRAND event! GRAND stands for Grandparents RelativesAunts/UnclesNeighborsDevoted Caregiversand this event allows your child a special chance to shop with those most important to them before they even get to go with their classes!
The GRAND event will be held immediately after school on Monday March 2nd and will run until 5:30 pm. 
The Book Fair runs the rest of the week until Friday March 6th when it will also be open for special hours during our Family Art Night from 5-7pm. Clifford the Big Red Dog will also attend both the GRAND Event and the Family Art night
Please visit the link to the Book Fair if you would like to check out the link to set up a wallet for your child to shop with instead of sending cash.