Quiz on March 18, 2019

The Quiz will have two sections: Two-Step Equations and Tax, Tip, Discount Story Problems.  Students are to study from their ISN notes and practice handouts we have done in class.  We have been doing a lot of practice in class, this includes using our whiteboards to share work, writing our own story problems and solving, matching problems and solutions as well as small group help.


Last week students were introduced to a one-step equation, yesterday we started to work with two-step equations, we will continue to practice today.

Lesson 11 Quiz on March 8, 2019. Study Guide with Answers is Below

Study Guide for Lesson 11 Quiz, with work and answers

Lesson 11 Study Guide 1 KEYLesson 11 Study Guide 2 KEY

Lesson 11 Study Guide will be going home on Monday, March 4, 2019.

Lesson 11 Quiz on Friday, March 8, 2019.  Students are to study from ISN notes and Study Guide.

Lesson 10 Study Guide with Answers and Work

Lesson 10 Quiz Study Guide 1 Lesson 10 Quiz Study Guide 2

Lesson 10 Quiz, Friday February 21, 2019

Students will come home with a completed study guide tomorrow.  We will go over the entire study guide in class.

Lesson 9 RETAKE

Any student interested in retaking the Lesson 9 Test, the Retake will be given tomorrow, February 14 (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Lesson 9 Quiz on Monday, February 4, 2019. Below is the Study Guide with answer key

Lesson 9 Study Guide Answers Page 1Lesson 9 Study Guide Answers Page 2

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