Week of December 3-7

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Young 5’s

I can recognize and describe the pattern of our 4 seasons(Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) by coloring, cutting, and matching the correct picture to each season.

I can orally name and describe one of the seasons.

Sentence Stem:

___________ is one of the seasons.  In this season___________________.

Vocabulary:  seasons, pattern, year, summer, winter, fall, spring

Warm, cold, cloudy, sunny, rainy, cool, hot, weather


I can demonstrate comprehension of the Fall season by watching a video and completing the second season part of my book ( what to wear in the Fall, what the weather is like, and how the tree looks).

I can orally describe to my partner about the Fall Season.

Sentence Stems:

In the Fall it is _______________________.

The trees___________________________.

I wear ___________________________ in the Fall.

Vocabulary:  Seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, pattern, weather


First Grade

I can demonstrate comprehension about what happens when light hits opaque objects by creating shadows using an object, flashlight, and background (paper).

I can explain orally explain my drawings that answer the following questions.


  1. How are shadows made?
  2. How can I make my shadow shorter?
  3. How can I make my shadow long?
  4. How can I make my shadow almost invisible?

Vocabulary:  shadow, light, opaque, transparent, translucent, object, background


Second Grade

I can demonstrate comprehension about water can be different types of matter (solid, liquid or gas) by recognizing when they see water as a solid or a liquid and sorting picture cards accordingly.

I can orally explain by telling my partner an example of water as a liquid and as a solid.

Sentence Stems:

An example of water in the liquid stage is _______________.

Its properties are _________________________________.


An example of water in the solid stage is ______________.

Its properties are_____________________________.

Vocabulary: matter, solid , liquid, gas, properties, hail, snow, sleet, rain,

dew, ice

Third Grade

I can demonstrate comprehension of weather and climate by participating in a review game where I have to name the fact given as an example of climate or weather.

I can orally explain the drawing and definition flip-book I glued into my notebook to my partner.

Sentence Stems:

Weather is _____________________________.

An example of weather is ___________________________.

Climate is ______________________________.

An example of climate is _______________________________.

Vocabulary:  weather, climate, short term, long term


Fourth Grade

I can demonstrate comprehension of how sound is made through vibrations and travels in waves by exploring with tuning forks, objects in canisters shaken, and prior knowledge of waves.

I can write to explain how sound is made.

Sentence Stem:

Sound is made when ______________________________________

Vocabulary:  waves, amplitude, frequency, sound, wavelength, vibration


Fifth Grade

I can demonstrate application of gravity by creating a list of objects that could defy gravity and explain why, then test the objects.

I can write to explain what objects could defy how gravity works.

Challenge:  Think about what objects/materials will help you to create a parachute for Santa to safely land (Next STEM activity).

Vocabulary:  gravity, air resistance, gravitational pull, force, speed

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