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Posted by on October 11, 2019
  1. THINK POSITIVE! Say to yourself, “I will perform well on this test because I am prepared.” Take some deep breaths and visualize your success.
  2. Read ALL directions carefully before you begin.
  3. Know the point system for grading. Give the most time to the big point questions.
  4. Skim over all questions: Do the easiest ones first. Leave the one’s you are unsure of for last.
  5. Be careful about making changes. Your first hunch is usually correct. Only change it if you feel strongly about the corrected answer.
  6. For essay questions, create an outline. Use “Who, What, Where, When, and How” as the guidelines for your answers.
  7. Set aside time at the end: Read over your answers. Check for errors.
  8. The next day, start preparing for the next test by keeping up with all readings and assignments!! 🙂
  9. Always get a good nights rest (8 hours) the night before your test and eat a good balanced breakfast the morning of your test.
  10. GOOD LUCK!!

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