High school and middle school parents are invited to an open house at Michael Berry Career Center to explore the District’s many special high school programs. The open house is March 4 from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

Open house helps families explore
Dearborn’s high school programs

High school and middle school parents are invited to an open house at
Michael Berry Career Center to explore the District’s many special high school
programs.  The open house is March 4 from
5 to 7:30 p.m.

MBCC houses or oversees several career and technical programs for
students including culinary, construction, business, criminal justice, computer
programing, medical careers, digital design, education, welding and more.  Automotive technician courses are also
offered at all three high schools.  Students
and families can learn more about what is offered and specifics for each

The open house, though, will also provide information on other high
school programs offered in the district. 
For example, the District now offers three Henry Ford Early College
programs – one each for medical, education and manufacturing.  Manufacturing covers careers ranging from
HVAC to welding to maintaining/programing manufacturing robots.  All three programs are housed on the Henry
Ford College campus, with transportation provided from the student’s home high
school in Dearborn.  All three allow
students to attend for five years and earn both a high school diploma and an
associate degree at no cost to the family. 
The medical and education programs also accept students from outside the
district, but those students need to have their own transportation.

Similarly, the District offers the Henry Ford Collegiate Academy.  However, those students attend two years at
their home high schools – Fordson, Dearborn or Edsel Ford.  Then if they score well enough on their 10th
grade PSAT, they are invited to participate in the academy and start taking
college courses.  Students would again
attend for a total of five years to graduate and get their associate degree.

In all four of the five-year programs, Dearborn Schools students are
eligible to participate in activities at their home high school, including
sports and clubs, through 12th grade.  The programs differ in degree options, school
environment, transportation, and more. 
The open house is a great opportunity for students and parents to get
more specific details to find the best fit for the student.

The open house will also have information about the Dearborn Center for
Math, Science and Technology (DCMST), a selective program for top performing
students in the district.  Those students
attend half a day at the Dearborn Heights Campus, and half at their home high
school with busing provided.  The
selective Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Middle School also
will be on hand to talk to students and families.

Representatives will also attend from the Dearborn Magnet High School,
Henry Ford College, Michigan Institute for Aviation Technology, Dearborn Adult
and Community Education, and more.

The District hopes curious parents and students take this opportunity
to explore what Dearborn Public Schools has to offer.  The Early Colleges and DCMST are currently
accepting applications for next year’s ninth grade class.


PR 37 MBCC graphics lab – Michael Berry Career Center students work in the computer graphics lab. A March 4 open house at MBCC will include several programs Dearborn Public Schools offers for high school students, including the vocational/technical classes at the center.
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Reminder that Henry Ford Early College Application Deadline is approaching.

Eighth grade students that are interested in applying to the Henry Ford Early College Program have until March 1st to apply.

Once you have applied, please continue to check your school email for further communications from the Early College.

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Henry Ford Early College Applications for current 8th grade students

Henry Ford Early College applications that were ORIGINALLY scheduled to be available by Jan 15th, has now been moved to late January.  No specific date has been provided by the Early College at this time. A LINK to apply will be sent to all 8th grade student emails when the applications become available.  Please continue to refer to the Henry Ford Early College website or Ms. Gronau’s counseling blog for updated information. 

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DCMST Informational Parent Meeting Feb. 4th

There will be an informational meeting for parents of all current 8th graders interested in attending DCMST for the 2020-2021 school year on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 from 6-7 pm in the Michael Berry Lecture Hall at the Dearborn Heights Campus. For program information and eligibility, please Click Here.

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DCMST Applications for 8th grade Advanced Math students are now being accepted

Eighth grade advanced math students that are interested in applying to the DCMST (Dearborn Center for Math Science and Technology), can now do so. Please visit DCMST website/blog for program information and the online application. Application deadline is March 13th.

Here is the link:  https://dcmst.dearbornschools.org/potential-dcmst-candidates/

Applications are open to all students who will successfully complete Algebra 1 by June 2020

Students will be selected based on standardized test scores (MStep, NWEA, Algebra 1 Sem 1 CA) and GPA.

Please see your counselor Ms. Gronau or your math teacher Mr. Pfeil if you have any questions.

Parents that have question can contact Ms. Gronau at 827-7111

Thank You!

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Free student heart health screenings Dec. 14 at Fordson High School.

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PARENT INFORMATION: Free Seminar on the Dangers of Vaping.

Community members are invited to learn more about the teen vaping epidemic during a FREE SEMINAR at 6pm on DEC 3 at Dearborn High School.

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  1. THINK POSITIVE! Say to yourself, “I will perform well on this test because I am prepared.” Take some deep breaths and visualize your success.
  2. Read ALL directions carefully before you begin.
  3. Know the point system for grading. Give the most time to the big point questions.
  4. Skim over all questions: Do the easiest ones first. Leave the one’s you are unsure of for last.
  5. Be careful about making changes. Your first hunch is usually correct. Only change it if you feel strongly about the corrected answer.
  6. For essay questions, create an outline. Use “Who, What, Where, When, and How” as the guidelines for your answers.
  7. Set aside time at the end: Read over your answers. Check for errors.
  8. The next day, start preparing for the next test by keeping up with all readings and assignments!! 🙂
  9. Always get a good nights rest (8 hours) the night before your test and eat a good balanced breakfast the morning of your test.
  10. GOOD LUCK!!
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Placement Reading Test for Henry Ford Early College Applicants

A friendly reminder to all students that have applied to Henry Ford Early College.

Your placement reading test is this Saturday, March 23rd between the hours of 9am and 11am on a first come first serve basis.  Testing will be held at the Early College located on the Henry Ford College campus on Evergreen rd.  Please refer to your school email for additional information, or come see Mr. Rashad or Ms. Gronau in the counseling office.  Thank you and GOOD LUCK on your test!
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