PARENT INFORMATION: Free Seminar on the Dangers of Vaping.

Community members are invited to learn more about the teen vaping epidemic during a FREE SEMINAR at 6pm on DEC 3 at Dearborn High School.

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  1. THINK POSITIVE! Say to yourself, “I will perform well on this test because I am prepared.” Take some deep breaths and visualize your success.
  2. Read ALL directions carefully before you begin.
  3. Know the point system for grading. Give the most time to the big point questions.
  4. Skim over all questions: Do the easiest ones first. Leave the one’s you are unsure of for last.
  5. Be careful about making changes. Your first hunch is usually correct. Only change it if you feel strongly about the corrected answer.
  6. For essay questions, create an outline. Use “Who, What, Where, When, and How” as the guidelines for your answers.
  7. Set aside time at the end: Read over your answers. Check for errors.
  8. The next day, start preparing for the next test by keeping up with all readings and assignments!! ūüôā
  9. Always get a good nights rest (8 hours) the night before your test and eat a good balanced breakfast the morning of your test.
  10. GOOD LUCK!!
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Placement Reading Test for Henry Ford Early College Applicants

A friendly reminder to all students that have applied to Henry Ford Early College.

Your placement reading test is this Saturday, March 23rd between the hours of 9am and 11am on a first come first serve basis.  Testing will be held at the Early College located on the Henry Ford College campus on Evergreen rd.  Please refer to your school email for additional information, or come see Mr. Rashad or Ms. Gronau in the counseling office.  Thank you and GOOD LUCK on your test!
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High School Scheduling

The Woodworth Counseling Department is currently visiting 8th grade classrooms to present high school transition information and scheduling for 9th grade classes next year.  Due to boundary changes last year, some of our students now go to Edsel Ford High and Fordson High school.  All students have been instructed to take home their course selection form to share it with their parents and have it signed and returned.  If you have any questions, please contact the Woodworth Counseling Department.  Thank You

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DCMST Informational Parent Meeting on Feb. 12th has again been cancelled due to the weather

The DCMST Informational Parent Meeting that was rescheduled for this evening (Wednesday Feb. 12th) has again been cancelled due to the weather.  DCMST WILL NOT be rescheduling the meeting for parents of prospective students at this time.  All pertinent information regarding student selection for the incoming DCMST freshmen for fall 2019 is posted on the DCMST website.  Please click on the Potential DCMST Candidates link ( to find an informational slide show and brochure detailing our program and the student selection process.

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RESCHEDULED DCMST Informational Parent Meeting

Hello Parents and Students,   Due to inclimate weather last week, the original DCMST informational parent meeting was cancelled.  However, the meeting has been RESCHEDULED for Tuesday, February 12, 2019 from 6-7 pm in the MBCC lecture hall at the Heights Campus. This meeting is for parents of students currently in 8th grade and enrolled in Algebra 1.  We will discuss the program and requirements for students to be invited for the incoming DCMST freshman class for Fall 2019.


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Have you ever been bullied?¬† Have you ever witnessed someone being bullied? Or have you ever witnessed someone being bullied and want to do something about it, but are afraid to or don’t want to get involved??¬† ¬†Here is a solution!¬† The counseling office has provided students with the “BULLY SAFE BUZZ BOX”.¬† You can anonymously report bullying incidents by submitting a report slip into the BULLY SAFE BUZZ BOX located in the schools counseling office.¬† All reported incidents will be looked into and dealt with in order to help resolve the bullying situation.¬† It is important that all students attending Woodworth School feel safe and comfortable during the course of their school day.¬† We encourage all students to use the Safe Buzz Box when you feel something needs to be reported.¬† This can be bullying or any other situation that you feel needs attention.

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Hello Parents and Students,
Due to severe weather predicted for this evening, the DCMST Meeting for Parent of Prospective Students scheduled for tonight will be cancelled.  The parent meeting will be reschedule for a later date.
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UPDATE: Henry Ford Early College

Woodworth Parents & Students,
Applications are now available to ALL 8th grade students at Woodworth for the following high schools.
  1. Advanced Manufacturing-Students wanting a career in the Manufacturing Industry / Engineering
  2. Henry Ford Early College-Students wanting a career in health
  3.  Pre-Education (New for Fall 2019) Students wanting a career as an educator

These programs are only available to our 8th grade students at Woodworth.  Interested students should check their district email for the link to apply.  Applications can ONLY be completed from this email account.  The application is due no later than March 1st.

Feel free to contact Woodworth counselors, Ms. Gronau or Mr Rashad, if you have any questions about the 9th grade options for your child. You can contact Ms. Gronau at 827-7111 or Mr. Rashad at 827-7485.
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