Drive-By Celebration, in front of Snow School, on Culver St. Thursday at 11:00a.m.

Good evening!

Snow Staff will be waving congratulations and goodbye tomorrow, Thurs. June 11th, at 11:00 a.m. Parents are welcome to drive south down Culver St. so that your child may celebrate in a mini-parade. Staff will line the sidewalk. Students and families, please stay in your car so that we can promote social distancing. It’s been an eventful year, but we made it! GREAT job boys and girls! You are now 3rd graders! Congratulations and ENJOY your summer!

Summer Learning Letter from Mrs. Alcodray

Dear Parent/Guardian,

       According to Johns Hopkins University, the effects of summer learning loss can result in nearly a three-month loss in grade-level equivalency in math and a two-month loss in grade-level equivalency in reading. 

 As a result of the school shut down, estimates suggest students will return in the fall 2020 with roughly 70% of the learning gains in reading relative to a typical school year.  However in mathematics, students are likely to show much smaller learning gains and in some grades, nearly a full year behind what we would observe in normal conditions. In order to close the summer learning loss gap in reading and math, students should be reading on a daily basis and or completing math activities. Below are recommended reading list/activities. 

Thank you so much for supporting your child’s development through summer learning.

أولياء الأمور و الأوصياء الأعزاء:

بناءً على دراسة لجامعة جون هوبكنز إن  الانقطاع عن الدراسة خلال الصيف  قد يسفر عن تراجع الطالب بما يعادل فترة زمنية قد تصل إلى الثلاثة  أشهر تقريبا من فترة الدراسة العادية في مادة الرياضيات، و الشهرين في مادة القراءة. تشير التوقعات أنه نتيجة لإغلاق المدارس سيعود الطلاب إلى المدارس في خريف  العام الدراسي ٢٠٢٠  بنسبة ٧٠ % فقط مهارات القراءة مقارنة بالمستوى الذين قد يصلون إليه خلال السنة الدراسية النموذجية / الإعتيادية. بينما من المرجح أن يظهر الطلاب نسبة تطور أقل في مهارات الرياضيات وفي  بعض الصفوف ما يقارب من تأخر سنة دراسية كاملة عما نشهده في الأحوال الدراسية العادية.   التخلص من هذه الفجوة التعليمية التي من الممكن أن تنشأ عن حلول فصل الصيف في القراءة والرياضيات، يتوقع من الطلاب إكمال واجبات بيتية صيفية  قبل عودتهم إلى المدرسة العام القادم.

 شكراً لكم على دعمكم ومساندتكم لأبنائكم في إكمال  الواجبات الصيفية .

Snow Suggested Summer Work by Grade:

(Please follow the grade your child was in for 19-20 school year)

Young FivesRead a book (or listen to a book) 15 mins every dayWriting: Practice letter formation for both upper and lowercase lettersPractice first and last nameCount to 100 (by 1’s and 10’s)Play a math game once a week
KindergarteniReady: 30 minutes per week (optional)Writing: 1-2 sentences three times a week in a journalZearn: 30 minutes once a week (optional)Read a book for 15 minutes three times a week (or more!)Play a math game three times a week
1st gradeiReady: 60 min per weekZearn: 60 min per weekRead a book- 15 min per day
2nd gradeiReady: 60 min per weekZearn: 60 min per week Read a book- 15 min per day
3rd gradeiReady: 60 minutes per weekZearn: 60 min per weekRead: 20 min per day
4th gradeiReady – 60 minutes per weekZearn – 60 minutes per weekRead – 20 minutes per day

A note from Mrs. Alcodray :)

June 8, 2020

Dear Snow Families,

On behalf of the Snow Team, we would like to wish every Snow family and safe and relaxing summer break.  We are so proud of how the whole Snow community came together during this difficult period to support our students. Each child is precious to us and we miss them dearly. 

To help our students continue to make progress throughout the summer break, we will be posting suggested summer work. 

Thursday, June 11 is the last ½ day of school for students.  The Snow staff would like to say goodbye to students for summer time by standing along Culver Street at  11:00am on June 11.  Staff will be waving goodbye and sending their best wishes to all Snow students.  We are asking any family that chooses to participate to drive south down Culver at this time and wave to staff and honk their horns! 

As we receive information regarding the 2020-2021 school year, we will be sure to communicate through the district website and our Snow blog.  Have a wonderful break!

The Snow Team

Thank you,

Amal Alcodray
Principal Snow School

Virtual Popsicle Party – Tuesday, June 9th at 12:00 p.m.

Good evening!

We are wrapping up the school year with our last online assignments of second grade. Students will have until tomorrow evening to finish up their zearn and I- ready minutes / lessons for the week. Please let me know if you have any questions.
On Tuesday, at noon, let’s celebrate graduating from second grade! Students may bring a popsicle or ice cream treat to our online chat and we can have a virtual party to celebrate the end of the year!
Finish strong boys and girls! We’ve almost made it!

Video Chat Thursday at 12:00 p.m.

Good evening,

If possible, please have your child join our class video chat tomorrow, Thursday June 4 at noon. Your child will need to go to Google Classroom, find the assignment that says, “Video Chat with Mrs. Grizzell, Thursday, June 4th at 12:00.” Click on the link. From there your child will be directed to i-Learn to log in. (Use student number and birthdate.) Last, click on the blue colored “b” button.