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Friday, May 31st

It’s the last day of May and a 5 day holiday break has begun!  How time flies and this year sure has moved quickly!  For those of you celebrating, Eid Mubarak!

When the kids return next Thursday, they are going to take a quiz in science on ecosystems and will be participating in the math-a-thon.  Please be sure that your child is reading everyday and practicing their math facts on the school math site.

Today the kids were given instructions for the summer required work.  This work may begin tomorrow.  Be sure that your child is diligent at completing it!


Reading–  Read at least 4 books on ecosystems and take the quizzes.  Be ready for the quiz on ecosystems.

Math– Practice for the math-a-thon.  Do Succeed pages 197-198 #2 & 3

Read everyday and make 4 log entries

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