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NWEA Links and Other Useful Websites


Dear Oakman Parents,

We have compiled a list of useful academic websites that your child can visit at home. These sites are educational and will serve the purpose of extra practice in math and reading.
All students should have their Id and password for this site. This site provides valuable reading and comprehension skills. All students are required to use it daily for 20-30 minutes. Mr. Awada checks all students’ usage on this site.
All students should have access to this math site and be using it daily. By using this site, students are able to practice essential skills that align with classroom instruction.
Ask your child if their teacher has given them access to this site.

NWEA Practice Sites
As you know, the NWEA is a very important assessment as it measures our students’ learning growth over time. Please allow your child to access these sites at home as they will provide practice at their individual RIT score in both reading and math.

Mathematics Math practice and activities Interactive math games Great site for kids Math League help topics Help for all subjects
Language Arts/Reading Language Arts games and more Merriam Webster Word Game of the Day Vocabulary activities Lexile Framework® for Reading

The following sites will reinforce skills they may already know. Students will find these very enjoyable, since they are in the format of games and have great visuals.

Please keep this list posted on the fridge or near the family computer so that it is easily accessible. If you have trouble accessing any site or if you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,
Mrs. Chehab
Intervention Teacher

The new practice site for NWEA testing

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