November 10

We just finished learning how to summarize and retell narratives as well as an informational pieces. Students have been working on being able to tell the difference between the two.

This semester we will be working on informational text and learning how to use text evidence to support a claim. Each week students are receiving articles and using reading strategies such as Talking to the Text, Question-Answer-Relationships (QAR), and Claim/Evidence/Reasoning (CER) to understand text and understand how to make an argument.

We have been using IXL, READWORKS.ORG, and to support student learning.

Conferences will be this week. I will be in the Media Center on Monday and Wednesday from 4-7, with both Mrs. Hojeije and Mrs. Wiacek. Please stop by my table to discuss Language Arts Lab during this time.


September 29, 2019

We have been busy reading informational text passages and learning how to argue a claim by finding evidence and discussing our reasoning using talk to the text strategies and Socratic Seminar format. Most articles are taken from “Newsela”. The first article was about the sport of pigeon racing and the other was about the legality of lemonade stands in Denver.

We will continue practicing comprehension, vocabulary and fluency skills with narrative text using 5 W’s and 1 H summarizing strategy and talk to text.


Language Arts Lab

This week we are continuing to work on summarizing strategy using the 5 W’s and 1 H Reading Strategy with narrative texts. We are continuing to practice this strategy and reviewing previous work to make corrections. This strategy will also be introduced with informational text as well.


The week of 9/9

Last week we read “There Were Two” focusing on the elements of a story. (Character, Setting, Conflict, and Resolution). We will continue to focus on those elements as we continue to explore fiction stories.

This week we will focus on identifying the theme of “There Were Two” as well as other stories as students learn to follow the characters changes within the story which usually leads to identifying the theme.

Also, we are focusing on summarizing using the 5 W’s and 1 H Summarizing strategy and applying it to a variety of stories.

Students need to bring their library books as we will be reading in class to build their stamina in reading.


Welcome to iBlog

Welcome to Language Arts Lab

What Will I Learn In This Class

Students will focus on mastering a variety of universal reading and writing strategies to help not only in Language Arts, but in all other classes. These reading and writing strategies will be taught using a variety of texts including some from their Language Arts class.  Students will work independently and with their classmates to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills throughout the semester.

Daily Agenda

  1.  Students started class in the hallway to review entering class routines and begin working.
  2. Students began their DO NOW writing.  Next week they will be given a Writer’s Notebook to place this in.
  3. Students were introduced to Thinking Maps.  The first one is called a Circle Map.   This is used for brainstorming -Defining in Context.
  4. We will share out on Tuesday.

Upcoming Dates

9/20   Early Dismissal  11:05

9/25   Late Start

10/1   Picture Day