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Summer Learning

Teachers will be sending out information about summer learning for 7th grade students who are not attending summer school.

Pickup of Student Material

Attention Stout Families,  From Monday, June 1st through Friday, June 5th, from 10am to 3pm, students will be able to RECOVER any materials they have in the building (hall and gym locker) and RETURN any materials that are property of Stout (library or classroom books, textbooks such as social studies, etc) that they may have. Please read the following information …Continue reading →

Chromebook Checkout

There will be a chromebook checkout on Monday, April 27th from 1-4 at Stout. If you would like to pick up a chromebook please click on the link below and fill out the form.

8th Grade Updates

A few updates: 1. The due date for this week’s work has been changed to Sunday (3/22/20) at 11:59 PM. 2. All work that has been completed has been graded and put into the gradebook.  Grades can be checked in student connect or parent connect.  If the work is complete the student has a 4.  The assignments are: IXL – …Continue reading →

8th Grade Khan Academy Assignment Update

I have assigned the tasks you must complete in Khan Academy to make it easier. Under Introduction to Scatter Plots you must complete: 1. Constructing Scatter Plots 2. Making Appropriate Scatter Plots Under Interpreting Scatter Plots you must complete: 1. Positive and Negative Linear Associations from Scatter Plots 2. Describing Trends in Scatter Plots

Khan Academy (8th Grade Only)

If you do not have Mrs. Johnson as one of your teachers in Khan Academy please use the code for your class below to add her. If you do not have her as your teacher we will not be able to see your work. 1st hour: eyuhrg 2nd hour: jt82yb 3rd hour: j8tepp 6th hour: pfu64z 7th hour: kmyaa9vc

Online Learning

Parents/Students During the school closing students will be required to complete online assignments. I will be posting work on the blog each Monday and work will be due the following Friday. Please click on the Online Learning tab for your grade level to find the assignments. I can be emailed at with any questions. I will also be sending …Continue reading →

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