I am in the process of updating all of the photo assignments on my FHS Photo iblog and all my photo/adv. photo iLearn courses as of 5/16/20. The assignments have stayed the same, but I have reduced some of the requirements…you can thank Ms. Curtis for that.

  • For the “Recreate Works of Art” assignment, you only have to take one picture and have write one self-critique/reflection rather than 3 pictures and 3 reflections.
  • For the “2 stories…” assignment, you only have to do one story based on either an Indoor OR Outdoor theme with 5 pictures and one self-critique/reflection rather than two stories etc. P.S. The “2 stories…” assignment has been renamed “1 story…” if you are trying to find it.
  • For the “Everyday Objects” assignment, only two pictures of everyday objects and one self-critique/reflection is required, rather than 4 pictures and 4 reflections.
  • The “Still Life” assignment stays the same with one still life picture required and one self-critique/reflection.

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