Week of 4/29:

Monday 4/29-Wednesday 5/1:

  • See unit calendar below.

Thursday 5/2:

  • Words in Context Assessment – see us if you were absent!
  • Introduce Capstone Project
  • Topic Sort – Students received a sort activity in which they categorized large topics by the novel that addressed them.
  • Topic Sort Brainstorm – Students used the topics for their novel from the sort to start brainstorming ideas for narrower, more specific research topics they might be interested in exploring for their capstone project.

Wednesday 5/3:

  • SRI Testing – See me if you were absent!
  • Review Topic Sort Brainstorm and further modeling of how to complete the assignment.

Literature Circles Resources Masterpost

Here are the resources needed to be successful for our Literature Circle Unit:

Role Sheets:

Resources to help with Roles/Close Reading:

Anything else that I think of, I will put on this list!

Week of 2/25:

Monday 2/25:

  • MASKS and MASK PARAGRAPHS (on Google Classroom) are due!
  • Mask Gallery Walk – viewing and giving feedback on peers’ masks
  • #WhyYouMatter – create a “Why You Matter” statement about why you are important.

Tuesday 2/26:

  • Punctuation Power
    • FANBOYS – examples 3 and 4 – Analyze the structure of those sentences and use these pictures to fill in the empty boxes with your own sentences mirroring that same structure.
  • AOW #2 – See us if you were absent to receive the right version!
    • Chunk the text:
      • What to look for:
        • Subtitles/Subheadings
        • Shifts in topic
        • Transitions
      • How to find them:
        • Read the first and last sentences in each paragraph
    • Roadblocks: For each chunk, circle and solve 2 roadblocks.  Mark your thought process on the page – how did you figure it out? Which words around it helped you? What background knowledge did you recall?  All of this should be visible and easily understood without you needing to explain it to me.
    • Roadblocks and chunking should be done in preparation for tomorrow! Do not move beyond those two tasks!

Wednesday 2/27:

  • AOW #2 (Continued)
    • Annotations – copies of the Annotations Chart w/ Sentence Starters were redistributed to students that may have misplaced their copies.  I modeled how to write meaningful annotations again with a thorough explanation of my thought process.  We also discussed some of my thoughts and annotations, much in the same way that I’d like the students to be able to do with the Socratic Seminar #2 coming up this Friday (3/1).
      • Students were then given time to read the article in pairs, annotate, and discuss.  Students should have this along with highlighting essential details and chunk summaries completed by tomorrow (2/28).

Thursday 2/28:

Friday 3/1:

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