December 4

Holiday Sale and Book Fair

Henry Ford Elementary PTA is hosting a holiday sale and book fair next week. Our class will be visiting this fair on Monday, December 9th. Today I will be sending home the book fair flyer that has some of the many books that will be at the fair. This flyer gives our students the opportunity to look at the books and try to pick one before they get to the sale. This fair is a great opportunity to encourage reading by getting a new book or two but it is also a awesome way to support the school PTA.
The holiday sale is a sale held by the PTA every year to give the students a chance to buy a holiday gift for their family. The gifts range in prices from $1.00- 5.00.
Both of the sales are optional but both are great ways to support our school and students.

book fair
November 18


On Tuesday, November 26, 2019 all Kindergarten and Young 5 classrooms will be celebrating Friend-giving together! We will watch the movie, Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving then we will have a feast like Charlie Brown and his friends. Our feast will consist of toast, popcorn, pretzels, Mike & Ike candies, just like the movie. This is an awesome experience for our students.

Please we are asking for a donation of $1.00 to cover the cost for all the supplies of the celebration.

Thank you in advance!

November 18

Disguise Our Turkey

This little turkey wandered in, looking for a place to stay. It’s trying to avoid being dinner on Thanksgiving Day. It needs a disguise, something to help it blend in. Maybe you can make it a ballerina, doctor or Pilgrim! A little paint or colored crayons – you can use anything! Use some markers or glitter – give it some bling! Please return it to us on Friday, November 22 so it can come hide with its friends in our hallway!

November 18

Snack Reminder

Just a friendly reminder

Please remember that we eat snack each day around 10:00.  Your child must bring something healthy and nutritious from home.  Your child may only bring ONE snack! 

Great Examples: 

Fruit, vegetables, crackers, pretzels, granola bar, yogurt, goldfish

We will send home:

Candy, chips, cookies, cereal bars dipped in chocolate

Donations of nonperishable foods are always welcome, because often children forget to pack a snack.


Ms. Fadhl

November 15

Conference Make-up date

Due to our recent Snow day, many families did not have their parent/teacher conferences. The make- up date has been chosen by the district and it will be on Monday November 18th. The times will remain the same times as the original date’s time slot. I hope this works for all involved and I cannot wait to speak with you at your student’s conference if I have not already done so.

November 8

Warm clothes

The cold part of fall has now began, winter is almost here. With this colder weather, please watch or listen to the weather reports so you can dress your student properly for the days. Most days the students will go out for recess and they may be waiting for and walk to the bus in the morning and afternoon. If it si cold, please make sure your child is dressed warmly with appropriate clothing (coat, boots, for snow, mittens, scarves, etc.). We will only inside days if the temperature is extremely cold. Children need fresh air and exercise, so dress them to be outdoors. Also, students will need boots the be able to play in the snow. We do not want them to get their other shoes wet then have to wear them all day.