Updated School work schedule

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I am hearing from some of the students and the parents that the workload is too much. I made some adjustments. Instead of going on Mobymax, I want you to go on Edmentum (black e) like we do in class. You access that through Clever. Also, I shortened the time that I want you on there from 45 mins to 30 mins. As of right now no more social studies until next week. Please click the link below to see the updated schedule.


Online Learning

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Good morning and welcome to our first week of remote (online) learning. For the next three weeks we will be conducting class from home. Routines are crucial for children, so I have included a schedule for the week. Our daily school schedule includes academic time as well as recess, lunch, and time for specials as well. This schedule is just a suggestion. I have 2 children in school myself who will all now be taught at home with 3 different curriculums, so I do understand that time has to be managed between the electronics for all of your children. I miss you all already!

Also, please watch Class Dojo closely as I know our specials teachers will be performing class time online as well. This includes music, gym, media, enrichment, and art.

I will be monitoring students’ progress online every day and I will contact you through Class Dojo with any concerns. If you have any questions regarding what is expected or need help logging into any of our online platforms, please send me a Class Dojo message. This will yield the quickest response. Weekly schedule is found below. Just click the blue link.


Steps for online learning

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Dear Parents,

The teachers have been working really hard to create assignments for your child to do while away from school. Please follow the following directions for each subject. Even though the assignments aren’t due until later, please do not wait until the last minute. We will be checking in daily to see that you are doing your work! To access MobyMax and Google Classroom, the students need to go to:

  1. www.dearbornschools.org
  2. Scroll down to Student Portal (the pencil)
  3. Click on the blue rectangular button that says Clever
  4. You will see the whale (Mobymax) and the chalkboard (Google Classroom)

Math – Fractions (Module 5) Graphing (Module 6)

  • Succeed Book – Any lessons not completed in Module 5 – Lessons 1-29, which is page 5-124
  • Zearn – Finish ALL of Module 5. It is ok to go onto Module 6 if you finish 5.

Follow these steps to get on Zearn:

Zearn.org – they have their passwords in the front of their planners – if you need the password send me a message on ClassDojo

Reading – Literature/Informational Text/Grammar

  • Continue to read your books in your book bag and any chapter books you have at home
  • Assignments have been posted on Moby Max and are to be completed by April 10th

Select the following :

  • Reading Skills Literature
  • Reading Skills Informational
  • Language (in Red)

Writing- Space Story

  • Google Classroom – Complete the graphic organizer and write your fictional narrative story by March 27th

Social Studies – Government

  • MobyMax lessons have been assigned due April 10th

( Has a picture of a globe)

Science – Review of Animals

  • MobyMax lessons have been assigned due April 10th

 (A picture of a beaker)

Welcome Back

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 3rd grade! I hope you all had a wonderful summer with family and friends. I am so excited that school has begun and that learning is in full swing. This week will be filled with a lot of rules, routines, getting to know one another activities and of course learning! 

I want to tell you a little bit about myself for those of you who have not met me yet. I have been teaching in Dearborn for 18 years now. I have taught 1st-4th grade and I have also been a technology teacher. I have my Master’s Degree in technology and a second Master’s in English as a Second Language. I love learning new ways to help my students become the best students they can be.

I am looking forward to having a great year with your child. I know that by working together, your child will continue to learn and grow up to be a responsible, smart and independent individual. I truly believe in the saying “It takes a community to raise a child”. With that being said, I really need your support at home in order to make this year run smoothly and successfully! I can’t wait to meet all of you at the upcoming Open House.


Ms. Erickson

Welcome to iBlog

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Welcome to iBlog Teacher Websites Sites. This is your brand new classroom website.  There are some things you should do to get started.  Hopefully you have been following the Getting Started Tutorial.  It is important that you edit your profile so that you can choose your school and grade level as this will help parents and students find your website.  Plugins add extra functionality to your website and offer specialized features.  Be sure to visit the Using Plugins page below to see how to add calendar events and more.

Here are some resources to help you with iBlog