No school from February 12-15. Enjoy spending time with your families.

Parent Schoology Video and Information

Hello Parents,

My name is Frank Haliburda and I am the new Administrative Intern at Maples Elementary.  I think Parent Schoology is an amazing digital tool that could be helpful to you this school year.  I have linked a video below for you to learn about how to access it and its features.  There is also a link to request your login from the district and a link to a Arabic translated version of the video.

الأهالي مدرسة مايبلز,

                                 .اسمي فرانك هاليبوردا وأنا المتدرب الإداري في مدرسة مايبلز 

أعتقد أن Parent Schoology هو أداة رقمية رائعة يمكن أن تكون مفيدة لك هذا العام الدراسي.لقد قمت بربط مقطع فيديو أدناه لتتعرف على كيفية الوصول إليه وميزاته. يوجد أيضًا رابط لطلب تسجيل الدخول الخاص بك من المدرسة ورابط إلى نسخة مترجمة باللغة العربية من الفيديو.

Maples Parent Schoology Video

District Parent Schoology Login Request Form/ طلب استمارة تسجيل الدخول

Maples Parent Schoology Video – Arabic Translated Version/  فيديو مترجم باللغة العربية

Hello All,

The Dearborn Public Schools will be on Winter Break from December 21, 2020 until January 3, 2021. All students and staff will be on vacation during this time.

When we return on January 4, 2021 we will still be learning in our virtual environment. The District’s Safe Start Back To School ( plan provides a timeline for a safe return to schools and decisions will be made based on guidance from our health officials, local conditions, and the safety of students and staff.   

Please take this opportunity to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. This has been a very emotional and stressful year for everyone. Here’s hoping for a brighter and healthier 2021.

See you back in the virtual classroom on January 4, 2021.

As we say goodbye to 2020, I would like to wish you all a happy and safe and healthy holiday season.

And another year is in the books…….never in my wildest dreams have I imagined that our school year will look like this!!!!!!!!!With all its ups and downs, I am grateful (more than ever) about the little things in life. Grateful for walks, homemade recipes, nature, card games, puzzles, gardening, my family, my community, my health and you. My students and their families have stepped up to the challenge. Parents, in addition to the many hats that you wear on a daily basis, you became full time teachers, researchers, lesson planners. It was hard and at times you felt like giving up but the next day, you woke up saying…..I can’t give up! It is my child, I need to help them. Yes, welcome to our world. As teachers, we say that all the time, after every assessment, every tantrum, every weekend. We say: it is my child….I can’t give up, I need to help them. Thank you more than ever for being our partners in education and in supporting “our” child’s growth.

Enjoy your summer and God bless.

Dear parents,

Please take a minute to answer this survey. It is very important and about the different scenarios we might have to use in the fall to go back to school.

Dearborn Schools is pleased to announce we will offer free student meals over the summer in the same grab-and-go format we have been using since March.  Meals will be distributed on Wednesdays and include food for seven lunches and breakfasts for the child.  

It is fun to predict what a text is going to be about before we read it! When we predict we take the information we already know and combine it with the text. Make a prediction using the sentence frame:

I think the story will be about____________because______________.

Now, look at the title: The Case of The Missing Carrot Cake and predict what it’s going to be about. Remember the word case means file.

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