Monday, June 7, 2021 

Dear Team 5th Grade Parents and Guardians, 

We cannot believe it is the end of the year! It’s a time for students, teachers, friends, and families to celebrate all of our students, and the hard work and determination they have displayed during their elementary years by honoring them at the 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony.  Monday, June 14th is our 5th Grade Promotion from 1:00-2:20 on the Playground off of Houston Street.

IF the forecast calls for rain that day, we will start notifying students and families via Schoology &  iBlog by 9am that morning. PLEASE CHECK FOR STATUS UPDATES FROM YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER BEFORE CALLING THE SCHOOL.   

We are fortunate that we have the opportunity to celebrate the promotion of our students and know that many families are equally as excited.  Due to covid restrictions and the safety of all, EACH STUDENT IS LIMITED TO TWO GUESTS.  

This is a serious and solemn ceremony, so we encourage all students to dress their best. Some nice options for boys are dress slacks, with a button up collared shirt, with a tie or bow-tie. Due to possible high temps, khaki shorts and a polo would also be appropriate. For girls, summer dresses are nice, rompers, and/or skirts and tops. Please be mindful of the shoes the girls are wearing because the ceremony will require them to be in those shoes for a long period of time. The ceremony will be followed by light refreshments and time for celebration and pictures.

This is still a normal Group A school day. Group B students will need to arrive at Snow by 12:30.  Parents please be seated by 12:55.

We look forward to celebrating this beautiful occasion, 

Mr. DeSantis

Mrs. Majetic

Mrs. Smith

Ms. Hussein

5th Grade Promotion Date!

Hi there Team 5th Grade Families!

The official date for the 5th grade Promotion will be Monday, JUNE 14th at 1 pm. This will be an outdoor event, for both groups A and B combined, with masks required. (In the event of inclement weather, the back-up date will be Tuesday, June 15th, and the back-up to that will be Wednesday, June 16th, if needed.)

I am SO THANKFUL that we will have the opportunity to have a promotional ceremony for our students, they deserve it!

More details to follow next week…stay tuned!

So much respect!

Mr. D

5th Grade Promotion Details

Good Evening, Team 5th Grade Families!

The 5th grade teachers, along with Mr. Abdelfattah, our principal, have been planning the details for the 5th grade Promotion.

We will announce the date, just as soon as we get the final word. Our goal is to have this date announced within a day or two. Once the date is announced, the details regarding the event will follow.

Again, I sincerely want to thank you for your incredible patience and support during this most unique, but wildly wonderful school year!

Thank you all so much!

So much respect,

Mr. D

Summer Program!

Snow will be offering an 8 week Summer Academic and Enrichment Program. There are two options for enrollment a 9am-2pm and a 9am-5pm time slot. Snow is planning a robust and innovative summer school to create an extremely impactful program. As of now, the programming is set to be an opportunity for learning loss recovery and additional growth. A typical day may include Gardening and/or Mindfulness, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Engineering (coding, robotix, etc), Lunch and PE. What is designed will be structured and of high value. More information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the end of the school year.

Registration form link