February 28

Monday March 1!

Good evening,

I’m so excited for our first day in class tomorrow! I will see ALL students on zoom at 8:35 a.m. (yes, a new time) and then group A will come into school through door #4 on the small ground between 9:30-9:40. At 9:40 door #4 will be locked. If a student comes in late have them go through door #5 (the door, on the small parking lot, with the buzzer). Breakfast should be eaten at home. The health screener needs to be filled out each day a child is in the building. Lunch will be at school. Students will be released at door #4 at 2:18.

Group A is AliReda, Omar, Nagham, Hassan, Naya, Rawan, Hanine, Fatima, Adham, MohamadAli, Suraya

Thank you and I can’t wait to see all of group A in the class together tomorrow! 😷

February 16

Online Parent Meeting tomorrow!

ONLINE Student and Parent Meeting tomorrow Wednesday 2/17 at 12:25 p.m..  General information about hybrid learning will be presented. I will answer as many questions as I can, if I can’t answer questions I will write them down and get the answers. Please keep in mind this is new to all of us and our focus is safely getting children back into the classroom.

Supplies needed for learning labs 2/18 – 2/26

Backpack with ….

Water bottle filled with water from home (recommended)

Folder I dropped off in December with work pages in it

Extra clean masks* in a ziplock bag 

Small hand sanitizer (recommended)

Tissues (recommended)

Supply box/bag – sharpened pencils


dry erase markers

dry erase marker eraser



Supplies needed for Hybrid learning starting 3/1

All of the above plus….

A fully charged chromebook

Current Benchmark book

Composition book

Blue learn math book

* Mr. AbuRus said masks must be washed daily unless they are disposable.

February 15

2/15 update

Reminder – For tomorrow online lessons will be in schoology just like last Thursday. Wednesday we will all be online. In person Afternoon learning labs start Thursday. See the blog, email, dojo, or schoology update to see when your child is scheduled. If anything changes I will let you know as soon as possible. Thank you.

February 11

Learning labs for 2/18 – 2/26

This is our learning lab schedule. We will meet as a whole class like we are currently doing. 8:55 – 11:45 online, lunch and then 12:25 – 1:00 all together online. Students will then go to their special (art, music, gym, media, science enrichment) class online and then at the above time come into the building for learning labs.

February 11

March 1 update

Good morning! I hope asynchronous learning is going well for your child today. Here is the A/B list I was given by the office. Starting Monday March 1st we will start in class learning. Students in the A group will be in school Monday and Thursday. Students in the B group will be in school Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday we will all be online. I am still working on the schedule for in person learning labs for the next two weeks and will send that out later today. Thank you for your patience as we all figure out how to safely return to in person classes.

Monday/Thursday group A












Tuesday/Friday Group B











February 9

Update 2/9/21

Update. This Thursday will be an asynchronous learning day for children. That means there will be no zoom meetings with me. Students will go onto Schoology and complete assignments. No learning labs on Thursday. I will take attendance based on assignments completed. Friday and Monday there is no school. This is our midwinter break. Tuesday morning will also be asynchronous. Tuesday there will be no learning labs. We will be starting in person learning labs next week. I will let you know more as I learn more. Thank you.

January 10

NWEA this week

Congratulations to Nagham for having the most minutes on edmentum last week! This week who ever has the most minutes on Edmentum reading will be student of the week for next week.

Tuesday students will start taking the NWEA reading assessment. Please assure your child has a quiet place to work with minimal distractions while wearing headphones. Please do not read any questions or answers to your child. Cameras must be on per district. We will start the assessment in the morning. Thank you for your support.