PJs in today’s (Thursday) class

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I will be wearing pajamas for my morning class as we celebrate the end of March is Reading month. If your child wants to wear them today for fun(or if you do), feel free! If not, that’s ok, at least you will now know why I’m wearing mine. 😂

Last registration post!

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You should now be able to register if you haven’t tried already. If you have any questions, email me at bazzin@dearbornschools.org or talk to me in class this week. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Registration Update AGAIN

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Disregard my last two posts. We MIGHT be able to register early. We are checking with the system. It might only allow students returning to Wee Scholars to register. I will keep you posted. I’m so sorry! I’m equally confused on this!

Registration Update!

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i have just been informed that Wee Scholars parents DO NOT get to early register. That includes students returning to Wee Scholars. Registration will begin for you AND the public on March 21. If you are joining the three year old class next year, don’t worry! I fill up fast but three year old class doesn’t fill up as fast as the four year old class. I would still plan on registering on March 21 if you are able. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m so sorry for the confusion.

Tomorrow is registration day!

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Tomorrow is the day! Registration will open for all current families by noon tomorrow. This includes returning children as well as siblings joining the parent-child class or three year old class. Registration will look a little different as we have taken the name “Scholars” off of all preschools. When you register, make sure you look for the appropriate class by age and by school. For example, if your child is attending the Wee Scholars class, look for “parent/toddler” at DuVall. Also, please note that prices have increased for next year but that you will now be billed monthly. If you are attending next year, please make sure to register this week as public registration will open the following week. We have gotten MANY phone calls and we expect to fill up very fast!

Also, there will be four choices for the parent/toddler class. Tuesday or Thursday from either 12:45-1:45 or 2:15-3:15.

Session Four and Mask Mandate

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I just wanted to remind everyone that session four starts this week. Also, the Dearborn Public Schools has dropped its mask mandate as of last week. While Michigan licensing recommends preschoolers continue to wear a mask, the decision to do so is now up to the parent. I look forward to starting session four with you all!