Dean Kendall

Course Overview

This is a one-year lab based course offered as a two-semester sequence.  The course investigates the essential content expectations for physics. Topics include motion of objects, forces and motion, forms of energy and energy transformations.  


Conceptual Physics, 2009, Pearson Education

Topics Covered (Semester 1)
Chapter 4 Linear Motion
Chapter 3 Newton’s First Law of Motion-Inertia
Chapter 6 Newton’s Second Law of Motion-Force and Acceleration
Chapter 7 Newton’s Third Law of Motion-Action and Reaction
Chapter 8 Momentum
Chapter 9 Energy
Chapter 10 Circular Motion
Chapter 13 Universal Gravitation
First Semester Review/Final Exams

Topics Covered (Semester 2)
Chapter 25 Vibrations and Waves
Chapter 26 Sound
Chapter 27 Light
Chapter 28 Color
Chapter 32 Electrostatics
Chapter 34 Electric Current
Chapter 35 Electric Circuits
Chapter 36 Magnetism
Chapter 37 Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 39 The Atomic Nucleus and Radioactivity
Chapter 40 Nuclear Fission and Fusion

I am available after school most days except Monday (school meeting days).