May 21 Important Info

NWEA science test is Tuesday and Wednesday  May 28 and 29

Here are the key concepts pulled out of the group activity May 20 and 21.  Study these for the TEST after Memorial Day (Bday, Thursday  30th and Aday Fridayday 31th)              (click here)—>   water cycle group activity key points

Also, study the highlighted questions on the Directed Readings 1.2 and 1.2.  They are in the previous post Titled “What’s in my Bellwork Notebook?”

Finally, review the experiment on thermal transfer and the insulation graph.

THERE WILL ALSO BE A FINAL EXAM THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL.  Bday will be June 12th and Aday will be June 13th.  If you are absent that day, you will take it the next day.  We will review concepts that will be on the test the week before the final.

What’s in my Bellwork Notebook?

Bellwork Notebooks will be collected the day you’re taking the Science NWEA test in my room.  Bday, Wednesday and Aday Thursday.

These are what you will be graded on:  Whats in the bellwork notebook

Here are copies of what must be in the Bellwork notebook:

directed reading 1.1 and 1.2 (1)   and     directed reading 1.1 and 1.2 (2)

expectation (1)     and    expectation (2)

experiment debrief    and   graph data   and    graph quesitons    and     graph

tier 2 words (1) and   tier 2 words (2)

water cycle picture directions    and   water cycle picture questions  and  water cycle picture

March 23

Someone asked (actually, many students asked) “What can I do to improve my grade before the report card that ends before break?”

Here’s what’s happening this week.  There is a test on Wednesday (Bday) or  Thursday (Aday).  Have your guided readings done and your foldables full of informations to use on the test. Ask questions about these during class on Monday or Tuesday when we discuss them.  We’ll also be practicing the terms while doing an activity those days.

I’ll grade bellwork on the test day too.  Make sure you have all your bellwork completed.  If it says write 5 sentences, do it.

I’ll put the mstep text feature activity we did in the computer this weekend. We’re also doing an activity on Monday and Tuesday and making Frayer models that will be grade.
The biggest thing is to do well on the test.  Rereading the chapter can help tons.  Read it to your parents and explain it to them. You can find the pages on google classroom.

Won’t it be great to leave school on Friday (after the PBIS Phone and Cone day) knowing you worked hard to get a good grade.