January 12

One week back after break, and one more week until the end of the cardmarking Jan 18th. (which is a half day)

This week the students took the Language Usage and Reading NWEA test.  On Monday and Tuesday (the 14th and 15th) they will be taking the Math NWEA test.  The science won’t be until Jan 24th and 25th.

This upcoming week is also mid-term exams.  All students were given the study guide for science on Friday. click here if you left it at school —> midterm science

We’ll review the study guide on Monday and Tuesday and then my Aday students will take it on Wednesday and Bday students on Thursday.   That will end the first semester.

The second semester starts day after Martin Luther King Day, January 21 (no school)  The 22nd and 23 are both half days for students and the 24th and 25th are the NWEA test for science which will be given in my classroom and Mr.  Donelson’s class.

Students need to remember to bring a silent reading book with them whenever taking a test in case they finish early.

January 2, 2019

Welcome to 2019.  HAPPY NEW YEAR

Many students have been emailing me about the scientist project.  Great to see that so many are thinking about it and working on it. You will be spending some time in small groups where you can do some peer editing and practice your presentation.   You should practice your presentation for your family too.  The presentations will begin on Wednesday, but I will be collecting the posters on Monday and Tuesday when you return right after the break.

This is the rubric I will be using to grade it.                                                                                                 Scientist Project Rubric  (20pts) 

  1.  _______ Title (Bold and Colorful)  (2pts)
  2. _______ Explain what this scientist’s specialty is.  (2pts)
  3. _______ Have pictures of this scientist working.  (2pts)
  4. _______ Identify tools needed for this type of work. (2pts)
  5. _______ Where does this scientist work?  (2pts)
  6. _______ Have interesting information about the scientist.  (2pts)
  7. _______ Tell about a real person who is this type of scientist.  (2pts)
  8. Presentation  (6pts)
    1. _______  Speak loud enough and clear enough for everyone in the room to hear and understand.
    2. _______  Explain everything on your poster.
    3. _______  Answer questions from your classmates

The first 2 days we’re back will be NWEA testing, Language Usage.   Please be rested and eat a good breakfast.


December 10

I’m back at school.  Today is Progress Report Day.  Go on Student Connect or Parent Connect and check grades.  THE TEST IS NEXT WEEK ON DEC 18/19.  Today and tomorrow we’re making sure that everything that should  be in your ISN on pgs 16A/B to 22A/B is glued in.  You’ll be informed what goes where and can either be found on the blog, google classroom, or, if you were absent, in the hanging file near the door with your name on it.  Come in in the morning if you need help with any of it.  I hope to be here all week.

Videos to watch and the worksheets are below:    Chloe and the Nurb

The brain video    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nH4MRvO-10

The digestive system video       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwrsL-lCZYo

The circulatory system video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eVG45_iF9U

The respiratory system video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0giiDDBJVQU

The muscle system video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_F5UwtdPOc

The skeletal system video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i42FSNA9bAY

Guided worksheets for the Brain and Circulatory System   Brain and Circulatory videos

Guided worksheets for Digestive and Respiratory  Digestive and Respiratory videos

Guided worksheets for Muscular and Skeletal Systems  Muscle and Skeletal videos


December 7

Hello Everyone,

I know this has been a rough week. Not only have I been out sick for 4 days, Mr. Donelson was sick too. I’m sorry if anyone came in early to try to get help since I wasn’t in at 7:00 like I said I would be.    I hope to return on Monday.   But we’ve had some great subs and the lessons they were given to teach were not busy work by any means.  They were the lessons I had planned to do before the Holidays and the concepts will be on the test on Dec 18/19. I will go over everything when I return and make sure everyone knows where each assignment is to be glued into the ISN, (remember you want to have your ISN in perfect condition).  We have a webquest we’ll be working on on Monday/Tuesday, then getting the rest of the concepts down on Wednesday/Thursday.   Friday/Monday will be the review for everything.

I will attach all the videos of Chloe and the Nurb if anyone wants to rewatch those and look over the guided viewing worksheets.  We have a few more to watch that I couldn’t give the substitutes to show since they don’t have access to my computer.

Students were also assigned an Magazine to complete.  It will be due the day of the test as well as the one that will be assigned this week.   These magazines have great information for the students about all kinds of science topics, giving them some prior knowledge as well as deepening knowledge and concepts they already have. They always include graphs and pictorial representations.    Enjoy them.

Thank you to my A2 for helping keep our plants alive while I was out.  You’ll all get some extra pride points to use to get to go to the Minute to Win It Assembly on December 19.

Remember that the field trip is December 21, the last day before our break.


November 30

Welcome back after Thanksgiving.    Only 3 weeks left until our Holiday Break.  The test will be Dec 18 (Bday) or Dec 19 (A day) so that they’re all completed before break. Students, you are required to have their ISN and bellwork notebooks up to date with all your  work correctly done because you will be able to use you books during the test and the test will even say what page you can find the answer. EVERYONE should be able to get 100% on it.   Go to google classroom and find ALL the assignments and where they should be glued.   I am at school by 7:00am everyday (Friday 7:30) and students can come in any day to ask me questions, make sure about their books, etc. I am not available after school this card marking.    Don’t wait until the day before the test, there might not be enough time.  Do it now, come in next week with your questions, then do it again next weekend with the new lessons and come in the following week with your new questions.  Stay on top of it to get the best grade you can.  I will post all the bellworks here in the blog.

December  21st is our field trip.


Nov 16 (see previous post too for Science Article)

Nov 19/20 will be a quiz on living/non-living.  Look over your notes and be able to identify items that are living (living now, once lived or part of a living thing)   or non-living, (never been living, not made of cells…)   Know characteristics of living things.

Ms. Dowgiallo will also be collecting your ISN and Bellwork notebooks.  The flipchart from the last 2 weeks is attached so you have all the bellworks and pages of your ISN.  If you don’t have a copy of a worksheet, look at previous blogs and copy and complete the worksheet to put in your ISN.  These will not be accepted late. Watch the videos.

Semester 2 Flipchart Nov 2-16

These are 7 videos we watched in class:

Mystery Doug Fish


Living/Non-living with Squeeks

Mystery Doug Leaves

Characteristics of Living Things





November 15/16 Super Science Magazine

Articles from the the Super Science Magazine:    Gobs of Gum   Go to Google Classroom to read the articles and to get the worksheets if you’ve lost them.              Page 17 of the worksheets (Stretch Test) is an extra credit page.                              Also, page 7 of the magazine, is a an engineering Challenge called Running Water.  If you complete this and can present it to the class on Nov 30, you will receive extra credit for this too.)                                                                                                                   Due Date: Nov 26/27 (after Thanksgiving)                                                                     If you turn it in Nov 19/20, (before Thanksgiving)   you will receive extra credit.      The last possible date to turn it in is Nov 30, after that you will not be able to make it up.     

********YOUR PLAN  SHOULD BE: Get it done before Thanksgiving, then you get extra credit AND your vacation is free of science homework.  


Nov 10

Parent/Teacher conferences are on Monday, Nov 12 4-7 and on Wednesday, Nov 14, 3:30-6:30.


The following link has the pictures that need to be cut out and glued into your ISN on Pages 14A  (Liiving)  and 14B (Non-living), then explain why you placed each picture where you did.  living non-living pictures

On Friday (and Monday the 12th) we did a lab. Students rotated around the room to identify living and non-living  things.  These are pictures of each center.