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The children loved decorating cookies which were homemade to accommodate all of our allergies in our room and enjoyed making their Valentine boxes and passing out their Valentine’s! Thank you for sending in boxes to make this activity a success!

I hope you all enjoy this mid-winter break! See you all in a week!

Upcoming Events

2/17 – 2/21 MID-WINTER BREAK!!!

2/28 Spelling Test #6: like, see, my, if, and, fun, run, bun, sun (And one more cold word belonging to the word family – un. Practice extra -un words with your child such as spun, gun, etc.)

Agenda for the Week

Reading & Writing:  This week we continued working on our reading and writing. We focused on what the setting of the story is, who the characters are, and what happened in the beginning, middle, and end. It is very important to ask questions after reading stories with your child to make sure they understand what is happening in the story. Asking questions such as, “What is your favorite part?” or “Did this story make you think of anything from your own life?” will help your child make connections to the text.

Please continue to have your child practice writing sentences at home by pretending they are holding an imaginary rubberband and stretching it as they slowly say the word they are trying to spell.

Math: We are still working hard to learn about number bonds! We continue to practice story problems and are working on identifying groups (sets, or parts) and finding the whole (how many we have all together). The children had fun this week learning how to add and subtract on a number line!

Science: We continue talking about polar habitats and the animals which live there. We are learning about different animals who live in the cold and how they are able to survive in this habitat.

Social Studies:  We began talking about maps this week. The children watched a gonoodle called, “Never Eat Soggy Waffles.” We learned about a compass and directions. We will continue talking about maps and doing activities with maps over the next month. We will even work with our 2nd grade buddies to create our own city!

Housekeeping Items:

Indoor Lineup

Indoor lineup is now at the 5th grade doors. Remember, even during indoor lineup, no parents are allowed in the building unless you have signed in at the front office.

Winter Apparel

Please practice putting on and taking off coats, boots, shoes, scarves, gloves, etc. As well as buttoning/zipping coats and tying their own shoes. Your child should be able to do all of these things independently!


Please make sure to empty the folder each night! It is very difficult and time consuming to locate homework or important notes when the folder is full of papers from the day before. Please be sure to send the folder to school each day. It is a big part of our arrival and dismissal routines and the folders help the children keep all of their papers organized.


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