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I hope you all enjoy the long weekend!

We had a fun bowling trip last week. Olivia’s mom took a bunch of pictures and shared them with me so that we could all enjoy them!

Use the link below:


Once you click on the link it will ask you to put your email address in. Then the password is haigh (all lowercase)

Below please find upcoming events, including our upcoming spelling words for the rest of the school year:

Upcoming Events

4/19 No School!!!

4/22 PBIS – Earth Day Picnic – send in a small blanket or towel.

4/23 Learning Gizmo’s

4/24 Late Start – 9:35am

4/26 Spelling Words:  they, come, his, good, jam, yam, ram, clam, slam, swam

5/3 Spelling Words: jump, down, her, eat, tag, wag, bag, rag, flag, brag

5/10 Spelling Words: king, sing, wing, ring, ding, sting, thing, bring, swing, spring

5/15  Late Start – 9:35am

5/24 – 5/27 No School!!!


Agenda for the Week

Reading and Writing: We have been working on compound words this week. The children are really excited about compound words and look for them in everything we do.

Math: We are working on groups of 10 and some ones. The children are learning how to find a group of ten and then count the remaining to find the sum.

Science: We are learning about the earth and how to recycle!

Social Studies: We will begin discussing how to vote and have little mock voter’s cards and do some activities involving voting and collecting data.


Housekeeping Items:

Children still need a snack every day! They get very hungry. We will have snack every day until the very last day of school. Please continue to send your child with a healthy snack each day! Thank you!


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