Good morning,

The assignment on “What is Climate” that I assigned last week Thursday is due by 11:59 tonight.  This is an assignment that you would have gotten if we were at school.  It would have taken about two class periods to complete, three at the most.   I know most of you are sharing computers with siblings, but try to get it done.  Continue IXL if you have not completed all the topics I assigned. 

Thanks and have an awesome day. 


Hello Everyone,

No new work is being assigned today.  I have been getting a lot of questions about IXL.  I had said to have this done by today.  Don’t worry about it if you haven’t completed it yet.  Just keep working on it when you can.  I appreciate all of you have been working on it and completing the lessons.

The assignment “What is Climate” is due tomorrow.  Try to get it done if you can.  If not, let me know. 

I know most of you are working hard on doing/completing your schoolwork for all your teachers and may have family that you are worried about.  Family is more important, so just try to stay positive and do the best you can on your work.  Continue to email me with any questions.  Miss you all.


I hope you and your family is doing well.  I just sent an email to students who haven’t completed any or all of the work in Flocabulary.  I know some of you have emailed me saying you completed the work, however, if you scored less than 70% on any of the parts, I reassigned it so that you can improve your score.  So please look.  Others have said they have done it, but it isn’t showing up on my end that it was completed.  I have tried getting in touch with Flocabulary, but with no avail.  I will keep trying though.  Yesterday, you received the new assignment on “What is Climate”.  You shouldn’t have any problems doing this.  If you do, just let me know. 

Take care and stay safe. 


You would have received a notification today of a new assignment.  It is called “What is Climate.”  When you go to the website to complete this work, you MAY copy answers word for word.  Here is a break down of what I expect your answers to look like for each question:

1.  Complete sentence

2.  one or two word answers

3.  For the “part” – one word answer, for the “contribution,”  you may use bullet points and phrases.   Complete sentences are NOT necessary.

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 need to be in complete sentences.

15.  Bullet points and phrases.

16.  Complete sentence.

17. Bullet points and phrases.

Remember, do NOT start your answers with IT.

I have updated the spreadsheets on both the Flocabulary assignments: Climate and Climate Change and Carbon Free Energy.  Please take a look at these.  They are in your Google drive.  The majority of you have completed the work and for that I thank you.  If you see a colored box, this means I have reassigned that section of the assignment and you should go back and redo it. 

Please continue to do the work and email me if you have any questions.  Don’t forget the IXL work too.



As of this email, I have checked all the flocabulary on Carbon-Free Energy and updated the spreadsheet on what has been completed for each of you.  If you haven’t done so already, please get it done by tonight as that’s when its due.  You will get a new assignment tomorrow in Google classroom that is similar to what you’ve done before.  There is a website that you will go to where you read through the site and answer questions.  You’ve done several assignments similar in the past.

Enjoy the rest of the day.  It’s really nice outside.

P.S.  Thank you to all of you who have been doing work for me.  I REALLY appreciate it.


Good morning all,

For today, you should be continuing your work on the Carbon-Free Energy Flocabulary assignment.  Some of you have not started the work yet and I would like this completed by tomorrow please.  I have graded all the vocab cards and made a spreadsheet that shows what has been completed for each of you.  The spreadsheet was shared in an email.  I have reassigned some of the work for some of you so that you may improve your grade.  Most of you always ask if you can do anything extra or “what can I do to improve my grade”, well here’s your chance.  I will update the Climate and Climate Change spreadsheet as well.  Some of you can still redo some of the work there.  Please continue to work on the IXL as well. 


Good morning all,

For today, you should be working on the Carbon-Free Energy Flocabulary assignment.  Please continue to work on the IXL as well.  Oh and please only do the science questions. I am getting notification that you are doing social studies and Spanish as well. You only need to do the science for me.


A new Flocabulary assignment was assigned today.  It is on Carbon-Free Energy.  There are five things to do.

1.  Watch the video and answer the Google form you find in Google Classroom.

2.  Do the vocab cards.  When doing these, make sure you are using YOUR own words.  You cannot copy and paste anything.  If you do, you will not receive credit for that card. 

3.  Do the vocab game.

4.  Do the Read and Respond.  This is the one most are not doing well on so take your time.

5.  Do the quiz. 

Please take your time doing these.  Your goal is to get a 70% on each of them.  If you receive below 70%, I will reassign it so that you may get a better grade.  I will again make a spreadsheet and share it with you so that you can see what has been done and what needs to be done. To get your %, divide the top number by the bottom.  For example: 16/20 = 80%

I changed the due dates on the assignments so this Flocabulary is due March 25. (It was originally due March 23)


The Climate and Climate Change Flocabulary is due today. If you get less than 70% on any part of the flocabulary, expect to do it over because I will be reassigning it for you. If you see an “X” on the spreadsheet I shared with you, then that part is complete. If the box is empty, it needs to be done. So make sure you do well the first time. You should also be working on your IXL. Tomorrow, you will be getting a new Flocabulary assignment. You will be required to watch the video, fill out the google form, do the vocab cards, vocab game, read and respond and the quiz. If you get less than 70% on any of it, I will be reassigning except for the vocab cards. Those cannot be reassigned. If you copy and paste for the vocab cards, you will not receive credit. You have to make up your OWN sentences.



I want to emphasize that ALL work is to be done or looked at through Google classroom.  That is where you will find instructions.  You may see more than one assignment, however, you cannot access them until they are released.  The plan is as follows.

March 16-19 Flocabulary on climate and climate change. Nothing to submit, I get the scores automatically.

March 20-23 Flocabulary on carbon free environment (don’t have access yet) Nothing to submit, I get the scores automatically.

March 24-27 Interactive assignment on the climate. (don’t have access yet)

March 30-April 3 interactive on climate change through NASA.  (don’t have access yet)

March 18-27  science IXL  level J        A1,2 B1,2,3,4,5,6,7 

For scoring on IXL this is how it will be:  90-100 = 4

                                                                       80-89   = 3

                                                                       70-79   = 2

                                                                        0-69   =1

Also, for those of you who would like to improve your grade on the flocabulary, I have reassigned anything that you received a score lower than 70% on.  So please go back and redo any of that work.

About half of you in each of my classes have not yet done any work.  I encourage you to do so, as I plan on using these scores towards the 4th card marking. 

Have a good day.