Today students got a new assignment on plate tectonics and it is due at the beginning of the hour on Tuesday. (tomorrow)

Students began their final assignment on hurricanes today and it is due Monday. They will begin earthquakes on Monday, however I will give an assignment on plate tectonics as they will need to be familiar with plate boundary’s in order to complete the earthquake work..

Students are working on the three top natural hazards for their state. This assignment is due tomorrow. They will have to google and watch videos of the hazards at home as the videos are blocked at school on the Chromebooks.

All quizzes have been graded and put into the computer. Your “Forecasting Hazard Impacts” assignment is due tomorrow.

Reminder: The vocabulary quiz on natural hazards is tomorrow, Wednesday, January 15.

Students started a new assignment on forecasting the impacts of natural hazards. This will be due Thursday. The vocab quiz is Wednesday.

Students did not turn in their work on Forecasting Natural Hazards today. Instead, it is due at the end of the our tomorrow (Thursday). The vocab quiz will be next week Wednesday.

Students continued to work on forecasting natural hazards today. This assignment will be due at the end of the hour on Wednesday. There will be a vocabulary quiz early next week.

Students finished their work on floods and that natural hazard was discussed today in class. Tomorrow they will begin an assignment on “Forecasting Natural Hazards”. There will be no homework over the break.

Today students started work on floods, which is the first of five natural hazards that they will learn about. They will continue to learn about floods for the next 3-4 days. No homework today.

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