Have a Great Summer!

The regular school year of 2018-2019 is now behind us! On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we will have 2 classes a day from 7:20 until 10:30.  For Mr. Leahy’s PE Classes each exam is worth 15 points toward the total grade.  To earn all 15 points students need to be in class the whole time, change into appropriate gym clothes and shoes, and participate the whole time.

Have a great Summer!!!

The End is Near!!!

The end of the 2018-2019 School year is fast approaching!  As we get to the final few weeks of school it is real important to not let to many things creep up on us.  Make sure you know when (and what) tests are approaching. In Mr. Leahy’s 9th Grade PE/Health Classes there are quite a few tests coming up.  In the next 3 weeks we will be testing Push-ups, Sit-ups, Sit and Reach(flexibility) as well doing the Mile Run when Ramadan is over.

There will also be Extra Credit runs every Wednesday.  Be at the track by 2:30 ready to run 4 laps.

Let’s finish strong!

Nice weather coming!

Hopefully the weather keeps getting warmer and the rain doesn’t over do it during the school day these next few weeks.  Mr. Leahy’s class will be going outside as much as possible to prepare 9th grade classes for the 1.5 mile jogging test. (3rd hour girls will be in the pool 4 more days next week until 4-18-19) To make sure we get the test in before the time when many students may be fasting during the month of Ramadan it is real important that students take advantage of our training jogs during class over the next 2 weeks.  The test itself will be during the first week of May.

There will also be a few swim make-ups/extra credit sessions available these next few weeks. Students should continue to check the PE bulletin board for dates and times.  There will be an all girls one 4-16-19 Tuesday AM at 6:30, and one for boys and girls 4-17-19 Wednesday PM at 2:30.

Close to Spring Break!

We are getting close to Spring Break 2019!  Before we get there though here is what is going on in Mr. Leahy’s classes.

2nd and 6th hour Elective sports classes-Continue to change into appropriate gym clothes/shoes and participate to receive credit.

1st hour- Health Unit and practicing for our Jump rope Fitness test.

3rd-Practicing for Push up and Sit up tests.

5th Hour-In the Pool preparing for our last swimming fitness test Bring your swim suit and towel every day!

9th Grade Health Letters

All of Mr. Leahy’s 9th Grade PE/Health students should be bring home a letter regarding the upcoming Health Unit.  This letter only needs to be returned if a parent does not want their child to be involved in this unit.  Any student who is opted out by their parents will be doing a daily alternative written assignment.

Final Exam Procedures

Final exams are a requirement for every class at DHS.  In Mr. Leahy’s PE/Health classes the following will be happening/expected on final exam day.

  1. Report to class at scheduled exam time.
  2. Change into appropriate gym clothes and shoes.
  3. Participate in scheduled activities the whole time.
  4. At end of exam do a full gym locker clean out.

These requirements will be worth 15 points.

During 9th grade PE/Health classes students will have the opportunity to retake any Fitness Exam (except the 1.5 mile jog) that they missed or did poorly on the first time.

It is each individual students responsibility to check student connect ahead of time and determine if they are going to retake any test on exam day.

As a result of excessive absences and/or tardies some students will be placed on audit.  This is determined from the main office.  In order to get off of audit and receive full credit for this class the student must earn all 15 points during exam day.  9th graders must also have a 76% or better on the combined total of their fitness tests.  A retake on final exam day might help this, but again it is up to the student to request a retake on exam day.

Nearing end of Semester!

The end of the first semester is closing in on us.  This means that we are close to a final grade that will not be able to change.  Here are some ways to keep your grade from slipping and possibly boost it up up a bit…

Change for class every day

Come to a gym make-up for extra points (Wed. after school in the pool)

Complete all of the Health assignments (9th grade)

Practice hard for our last fitness test (Shuttle Run for 9th)

Last week of Marking Period!

November 12th through the 16th will be the last week of the second marking period.

4th hour girls will be swimming all week, as well as the following Monday and Tuesday.  Each day is worth 25 points!  There will be at least 5 make up/extra credit sessions in the pool to make up for lost swimming points.  More information on these days soon.

9th grade boys will be starting Volleyball this week.

Remember to change into gym shoes/clothes every day!