Have a great Summer!

Hi everyone! Well…we made it! It has been a very interesting ride this year. I am so happy that I got to know you this year, but also kind of sad that our time together got cut so short and that I have to wish you a good summer from this note instead of in person. But as in a lot of things in life, we have to continuously adjust to what is thrown our way and make the best of what we are given. I really enjoyed reading your comments from our check in questions these last few weeks. Some of you really shared the things that have made this isolation so difficult and I appreciate the honesty. One of the main things that came up was missing, seeing and interacting with friends, classmates and teachers. I assure you that it was the same for me, I really missed our daily hour together. Writing on a computer is no substitute for seeing you in person. Hopefully we can soon get back to some normalcy in our lives.

Remember to stay safe and healthy this summer! Continue with safe practices such as social distancing but stay active! Take advantage of the summer weather, even if it is just a walk around the block. I’m looking forward to seeing us all back and safe in the fall.

Mr. Leahy


It’s June and our school year is almost over. This week on your chart try to spend more time on outdoor jogging whenever possible. Remember that you don’t need to do every exercise every day (although you certainly can). The most important thing is to be active! Have a great week!

Jogging time!

If we were in the building (DHS) this week, we would be doing our final preparations to get ready to test a 1 mile run. This week, along with stretching and any other exercise or activity that you do, I would like everyone to try to practice some jogging. It is supposed to be a hot week so make sure that you hydrate properly (drink enough water) and jogging in the morning before it gets to hot is a good idea. Make sure to get parents permission to run outside away from your house and remember to continue practicing social distancing. If you live next to a track be aware that a regulation sized track is 4 times around for a mile. If practicing in the neighborhood jogging at a medium pace for 10 minutes will be very close to a mile. Maybe you can even have a parent or older brother/sister take a drive around the block looking at the odometer to see how far a mile is.

Good Luck!

Week of 5-18-2020

Continue on with all of your daily exercises, however this week I want you to look at this as a rest and recovery week. That doesn’t mean to do nothing, it just means to take it easier on yourself this week to give your body some extra rest. Starting next week we are going to push ourselves a bit! Have a great week!

Week of 5-4 to 5-8

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well and are enjoying the warmer weather. While remaining safe try to take advantage of the nicer weather. Even a jog around the block or jump roping in the front yard can make fitness that much more enjoyable.
Continue with the two assignments this week taking care to read the slightly different instructions. Please email me with any questions or concerns. Have a great week!

Week of 4-27 to 5-1

Assignments #1 and #2 for this week have been posted in Google Classroom.

All Google Meets for this week, April 27-May 1, for the PE Department have been cancelled. Our department is working on a new platform so we can engage with our students in a safe learning environment. However, we will continue to use Google Classroom for our weekly assignments.

As soon as we work out the details of our new form of video conferencing, I will give you the details. I look forward to seeing you all again next week. Assignment #1, April 27-May 1, is in place of our Google Meet for this week.

Switching over to Google Classroom


Physical Education will be moving to a Google Classroom format. The assignments will still be the same. We will be using the same checklist to document workouts only it will be returned by way of Google Classroom. Students will be asked to join their respective class and will use their class-specific code to enter into the virtual class:

Also, beginning next week through the end of the semester, we will be using Google Hangout to have face-to-face time where we can discuss our workouts, ask and answer questions, etc. Google Hangout time will follow the new class schedule that Mr. Martin sent.

We will also have office hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-3:00 p.m.

As always, if you have any questions, you can email me, write on my blog or send me a message through Google Classroom.

Hope you are all safe and well!

Mr. Leahy


Welcome to the rest of the School Year!

Hey all! As stated in my last blog/letter although we are not allowed to physically return to the school building this spring, schoolwork must still continue! The State and District will be giving us further direction soon, but for now we will continue on the same path. Some of you have been wonderful on communicating with me and sending in your weekly assignments. Some not so much! It is important to know that this work does count and at the end of the semester all teachers will be asked who should pass and who should not. Lets put ourselves in a good position if and when this occurs.

Stay safe and continue on! Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns.

Mr. Leahy

Week 3 turn in, Spring Break, and the rest of the school year…

Hi everyone.  I’m  pretty sure that you have all heard that we will not be going back to school this spring.  Please be aware that this does not mean that everything is over and done.  In fact the Governor made it clear that everyone must develop some sort of online plan.  We (The Dearborn Public Schools) have already been doing this.  Soon however, we may be getting more direction about continued online work and how to grade students so that they can move on to the next grade in the fall.  Because of this it is more important than ever that you continue to do the the assignments and reply to your teachers.  In our case continue good exercises and send me your charts at the end of the week.

Please send me your chart or an email regarding week 3 and your exercises.  Next week is officially Spring Break so nothing needs to be turned in for next week.  I will email you April 13-14 with information for the rest of the school year.

Continue to stay safe and healthy!

Mr. Leahy