Week 8B: 2/25/19 – 3/1/19


Heavy Metals Chart Activity

HW: Module 41 &  42 Practice



Problem-based activity on Module 43 Oil Pollution – Research on  Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Explanations on Module 41 & 42 Practice

Oil-Spill Cleanup Methods- watch a short  video and class discussion


Module 43 Read and Practice Problems

Read  Module 44 Non-chemical Water Pollution & do Module 44 Practice Problems- due wed



Module 44 Practice Problems

Discussion on previous quiz – MCQs and FRQ

Problem-based, small group activity on Working toward Sustainability – Purifying Water for Pennies

(Ch 14 pg. 510)

Explanations to Module 44 Practice Problems & Module 45 Water Pollution Laws Practice Problems – due thurs


Read & take notes on Module 45 Water Pollution Laws- due thurs

Module 45 Practice,

-Ch 14 Practice Exam w/ 2 FRQs



Explanations on Module 45 Practice- Water Pollution Laws

Explanations on Ch 14 Practice Exam w/ 2 FRQs

HW: Mcqs Practice Exam



Explanations on Practice Questions

In class Practice:  1 FRQ from past exam (timed)

Explanation on FRQ from past exam

HW: Study for Water Pollution Test – on Tues!

Additional FRQs Practice



Review  for Ch 14 Water Pollution Test