Week 1B: 1/7/19- 1/11/19

Public voting is open!  How would you drone?

Use the link below and vote for our students at DCMST. You can vote every day till February 3rd to help us WIN $15,000 in prize from Drone Video Contest . We would greatly appreciate passing this message to others as well. We need as many votes as possible before February 3rd.
Link to vote:
To vote, you can simply click on the link below and like their videos.
School name “Dearborn Center for Math, Science, and Technology” is available under the title of the videos. Thanks!


Important Announcements

Semester 1 final will be on Wed  Jan 15th during 1st hour. You will have 75 minutes. Exam will cover the chapters from Unit 1 -4

Ch 11 & 20 test will be at the end of the week fri Jan 11th once we return back from break.

Ch 11 & 20 test on Friday!