Fine Motor Activities Using Items From Around The House

Here is a link to an OT’s website. On this page she lists several fine motor activities that you can try with your student. Many of the materials are things you may already have in the house.

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Fine Motor Activity: Pulling Leaves from A Stem

Puling small leaves from the stem of a plant is a great fine motor activity. Students will work on their finger coordination skills, strengthening the muscles of the hand, and using their thumb and pointer finger to create a pincer grasp. Encourage your student to make a “finish pile.”

Encourage your student to use her or his non-dominant hand to hold the stem while s/he uses the dominant hand to pull the leaves.

Use the leaves to create shape outlines, or draw a shape, letter, or number in chalk and have your student place the leaves along the lines to work on visual perceptual skills.

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