I am very proud of the commitment the students had this week to finish NWEA math and mid terms.  You should be very proud of your student!

We will be taking the NWEA math test on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (only if this day is needed)  Then we will be taking the lesson 9 Quiz  on Thursday (Adding/ Subtracting Decimals).  Finally, we will end our week with a math mid term on Friday.

This week  is a lot of testing. Be sure to get a good nights sleep and eat a great breakfast.

1/2 day Friday, January 18,  No school-> Monday, January 21   1/2 Day Tuesday, January 22 and 1/2 Day Wednesday, January 23

Welcome Back!  We will be NWEA testing for the next 2 weeks with the following schedule.

Monday(Language Usage)

Tuesday (Language Usage)

Wednesday (Reading)

Thursday (Reading)

Friday (Reading)

Next week

Monday (Math)

Tuesday (Math)

Wednesday (Math)


Today’s homework is pages 89-90 in the PPS (orange book)

The marking period ends Friday,  January 18 with a 1/2 day.

This week I will have redo tests for Lessons 7 and 8 on Wednesday afterschool.  Students must have 90%   of their homework turned in to be invited to take any redo tests.

The students will need to complete 60 minutes of KHAN for the dates Dec 17 to Dec 23.

Then over the break from Dec 24 to Jan 6 they will need to complete 60 minutes of Khan .  This is to make sure the students keep their math skills sharp because we will be taking the Winter NWEA test in January.  I will be conferencing with each student this week to look at their Fall NWEA scores and tell them what areas I want them to focus in on over break.  For most students their areas that need the most practice are statistics and geometry.


No quiz this week.  Just NWEA review, minute to win it reward, winter concert, adding decimals, and a field trip on Friday.

Students will need to continue completing 60 minutes of Khan Academy this week

We will be completing Lesson 8 – Division of Whole Numbers

Our quiz is scheduled for Friday, December 14

Upcoming events= Late start- Wednesday, December 12

Minute to Win It Games -Wednesday, December 19

Winter Concert 2:00, Thursday, December 20

Field trip= Friday, December 21


We will be having our NWEA Winter test when we return from break in January.  Students will need to keep their math skills sharp and complete some Khan minutes over break.


Tuesday is our Lesson 7 quiz.  Pages  67-74 are due (PPS, orange book).  We will finish pages 75-76 and correct the study guide tomorrow in class for bellwork.

This week we are working on Lesson 7 (dividing fractions).  The students do not have to complete KHAN academy this week.  Our Quiz on Lesson 7 is tentatively scheduled for next week Tuesday.

Monday’s work = L1(6th)(100)& L2(6th)(100) ixl    and pages 67-68 (orange PPS book)

Tuesday’s work = L5 (6th)(100) & L7(6th)(100) ixl and pages 69-70 (orange PPS book)

Wedesday =  pages 71-72  (orange PPS book)

We took a quiz on Lesson 6 – Dividing Fractions.  We will continue to practice dividing fractions and then move on to decimals and long division.

Over Break the students are asked to complete 30 minutes of Khan (which most students completed in class today) and ixl R8(6th)(80) and ixl L3(6th)(100)

Thank you for attending conferences last week.  I was happy to get a chance to meet with all of you.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Students will need to turn in the permission slip and money by this Friday, November 16 to Mrs. Crispin.  All students are required to go on this trip.   We need chaperones, if you can chaperone go to the office and show them your id and complete a form for a background check.  This needs to be done by Tuesday, Nov 20 in order to be cleared in time for our trip.

Monday 4-7:00    Wednesday 3:30-6:30

I look forward to seeing everyone there

This week students will be receiving a field trip permission slip.  These need to be returned by this Friday (sorry Thanksgiving Break snuck up on me).
We will be going to The Henry Ford Museum and watching an IMAX movie.  The cost of the trip is 10.00