Students were asked to complete 30 minutes of Khan Academy by Monday.  Please ask them to see their planner.  Inside there is a yellow page called My Learning Plan.  We updated this page this week with the Winter NWEA goals.  The students were asked to plug in their scores and then KHAN will give them practice questions at their level.  This is an amazing tool that has helped kids show growth.  Every year, I see that the students who do complete KHAN show growth on their NWEA

Quiz on Thursday

Chapter 13= Absolute Value and Ordering Numbers & Chapter 14 = Coordinate plane

Because these are both simple topics we will be combining these topics into 1 quiz.  On Thursday, we will have a quiz on Chapter 13 & 14 (about 10 points).  Then we will be done with the Numeracy Unit and have to take a unit test on Monday.

So here is my advice for studying.

For Thursdays Lesson 13 &14 Quiz- On Wednesday the students were asked to complete

Study guide pages 135-136 (Lesson 12)

study guide pages 147-148    (skip number 1 reflection) (Lesson 13)

These are the last 2 pages of each lesson.  If your student forgot those at home this evening, you can log into student/parent connect and find that assignment (not graded yet).  I put a link with the pages in the gradebook.  Simply download the last 2 pages and study at home.


For the Numeracy Unit test, I will be sending home a study guide either Thursday or Friday and students will have time to review/ discuss in class and then study over the weekend.

Wednesday through Friday of this week we are WIDA testing (in the morning only)  In the afternoon you will see each class for an hour.


Wednesday afternoon = Quiz on Lesson 12 (If students didn’t bring home their math, you can go to student connect.  Click on the last grade entered that says L12_pgs121to216 (orange book)  Study pages 123-124 for the test.


IXL’s that are due from this week= M2(6th)(100)M4(6th)(100)

B2(7th) (100)  I haven’t assigned this to core 2 yet.

Students completed a test on Lesson 11 (GCF and LCM)  Since this test only had 3 questions on it, I will be combining this score with the Lesson 12 score before I officially calculate it inside of the gradebook.

We will start Lesson 12 tomorrow.  I will be working on progress reports this weekend.  Please log into student connect and make sure your student completes any missing assignments.

We worked on Chapter 10 (multiplying and dividing decimals) this week and our quiz on this is on Friday.  Students were instructed to focus in on pages 107-108 as study guide.  We will start ch 11 on friday and have this quiz next week Wednesday or Thursday.

Reminder… 1/2 day next Thursday, February 14.

No School Friday, February 15 and Monday February 18

Please check your student connect and complete any ixl’s that you have missing.  If the gradebook says not graded, I haven’t looked at it yet and I will next week.  If it is graded and you aren’t done, you will need to email me when you complete the specific ixl and then I will know to go back and change your grade.


The Retake for Lesson 9 quiz will be next week Thursday.  In order to be invited for the retake, you must have 90% of your homework/classwork complete.

Snowy/Cold Week

The grades were updated this weekend.  Please check to see if your child is missing any ixl assignments and have them complete them on Wed (if we don’t have school)  I will offer a redo for the Lesson 9 quiz (details to follow depending on if we get another day off this week.

Currently we are just beginning Lesson 10= Multiplying and Dividing Decimals.  I told the students that we will be taking a break from Khan for a little while.  Our class work time will be divided up into continuing the book work as well as analyzing released MSTEP questions.  The MSTEP for 6th grade is scheduled for the end of April and the beginning of May.

I am very proud of the commitment the students had this week to finish NWEA math and mid terms.  You should be very proud of your student!

We will be taking the NWEA math test on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (only if this day is needed)  Then we will be taking the lesson 9 Quiz  on Thursday (Adding/ Subtracting Decimals).  Finally, we will end our week with a math mid term on Friday.

This week  is a lot of testing. Be sure to get a good nights sleep and eat a great breakfast.

1/2 day Friday, January 18,  No school-> Monday, January 21   1/2 Day Tuesday, January 22 and 1/2 Day Wednesday, January 23

Welcome Back!  We will be NWEA testing for the next 2 weeks with the following schedule.

Monday(Language Usage)

Tuesday (Language Usage)

Wednesday (Reading)

Thursday (Reading)

Friday (Reading)

Next week

Monday (Math)

Tuesday (Math)

Wednesday (Math)


Today’s homework is pages 89-90 in the PPS (orange book)

The marking period ends Friday,  January 18 with a 1/2 day.