Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer. This is just a friendly reminder that you need to complete Khan minutes over the summer. Teachers will grade the completed summer work when school returns. Below are the expectations for math.

480+ minutes A, 384-479 B, 336-383 C, 288-335 D

Students were given a study guide for tomorrows  final Study Guide for Statistics Final  test on Statistics

All students were given a booklet of surface area problems as a study guide.

We  took the math NWEA test!  Now back to class as usual.  We will be finishing up Lesson 23 – surface area of nets this week and next.  Our quiz on this should be next week.

Reminder no school this Friday, May 24 or Monday, May 27.  Enjoy the long weekend!

On Wednesday we took the Lesson 20 quiz on inequalities.

Due to the Reading NWEA testing still not being complete, the math NWEA testing is moved until next week.

Math NWEA Monday, May 20

Math NWEA Tuesday, May 21


We are now finished with algebra and moving on to geometry.

Next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all sixth graders at Woodworth will be taking the NWEA reading.

Next week Thursday and Friday all sixth graders at Woodworth will be taking the NWEA math.


Students have been practicing hard all year in class and using Khan academy.  Please ask your students about how we plugged in our NWEA Winter math scores into something called mappers.  Then the students are able to practice at their own level which is proven to help them show growth in their scores.


In class we are working on Lesson 20 inequalities.   We will take the quiz on this next week Wednesday.


Please check with your students to make sure they have enough paper, pencils, pens, glue sticks ect.  We are spending too much time in class searching for these things

Please have your student eat a good breakfast and go to bed on time tonight and tomorrow.  We will be having  MSTEP language arts on Thursday and MSTEP math on Friday.

This week we finished lesson 18 and took a quiz on Thursday.  Students will practice an online version of the MSTEP Thursday, Friday and a few days next week.

Next week the 6th grade will be taking the MSTEP Thursday and Friday.  Make sure your child gets a good nights sleep.


The NWEA Spring testing date for 6th grade has been changed.

May 13 to May 15 is Reading NWEA

May 16 to May 17 is Math NWEA

May 21-21 is science NWEA

Just a friendly reminder to check your progress for 60 minutes of Khan this week from April 8 to April 14.