This week we will be having a quiz on Lesson 8 (long division) this Thursday. Please check with your students to see if they have any missing work. I had to fill out progress reports today and I noticed many students aren’t doing as well as they did for the first marking period.

This week Friday is our field trip to The Henry Ford Museum. If you are going on the trip, please back a bag lunch and bring it to school on Friday. If you are not going, you will need to come to school that day. A teacher will be staying behind to complete assignments with you for the day.

This week we will have a Quiz on lesson 7 this Thursday. Please check with your student to see if they have any missing work. Progress reports go out next week. Have your student log into student connect if your unsure what is missing;.

On Tuesday we will have a quiz on Lesson 5. This will be our first grade for the marking period 2.

Please please please…… if your child hasn’t turned in their permission slip/money. Have them bring it to their first hour teacher today at conferences or Tuesday morning. I would really like for every one to go on the trip.

Permission slips went home today for a Friday, December 13 trip to the IXAX (to see Polar Express) and The Henry Ford Museum. The cost of the trip is $20.00. This covers admission to the imax, museum and the cost of a bus. If you would like to chaperone, please check off the bottom of the permission slip (chaperones don’t have to pay). Then call Ms. Mariam in the office 827-7118 and she can let you know if you are on the cleared list to go on a trip with us. If you haven’t chaperoned on a trip in elementary, simply bring your licence/id to the main office and they will give you paperwork to complete so you can come with us on this trip. All chaperones must be a parent/guardian and must be cleared before accompanying students on any trip.

This week we worked on Lesson 5. Our Lesson 5 quiz will be next week Tuesday. Students will be given a study guide on Monday to take home.


Monday, November 11 (4:00-7:00)

Wednesday, November 13 (3:30 -6:30)

In middle school, all teachers will be in the gym. You may go and get the report card from an area in the gym. Then you may wait in line to see all of your child’s teachers and check their progress for the first part of middle school. I look forward to seeing you all at conferences.

On Monday and Tuesday we finished up Unit 1 (lessons 1 to 4 )

Today we played an escape room Halloween game

We went to ixl and our teacher sent us recommendations in the Numeracy Strand. These recommendations were based on our Fall NWEA math scores. We should practice these levels so we can show growth on the Winter NWEA test (which is given in January of 2020)

Week of October 28 —- School Announcements

PBIS movie reward permission Slips are due on Monday (please turn these into your a square teacher

Spirit Week  

Monday = Sports Day (wear your favorite college or sports apparel)

Tuesday = Wear Slides Day

Wednesday = Color War (6th grade wear green)

Thursday = Halloween (wear a costume)

Friday = Woodworth Spirit Day  (wear purple and yellow)

This week we will be finishing Lesson 4. Our Lesson 4 quiz will be on Friday. Then the following week, Tuesday we will have a Unit 1 test on all of the quizzes we have done this year (lessons 1,2,3, and 4)

Students will be bringing home a movie permission slip for our PBIS reward. Please return ASAP.

On Tuesday we are taking a quiz on Lesson 2 . Students were given a study guide on Monday.

Tuesday after our quiz we had vocabulary words to complete from Lessons 2 and 4. Students may have to complete this for homework today. Go to your student email and I sent you a link to these vocabulary words (due on Wednesday)

Wednesday is a late start day and we will be starting Lesson 4.

This week we are taking a Lesson 3 quiz on Tuesday. Then we will be going back to lesson 2 (which is short)

On Friday, we will be having a 1/2 day.