You will need to complete week 8 of i learn by Saturday night. Then your i ready minutes are due by Sunday night.

Very Important

Reminder:  Next Friday, May 22 all algebra information will be turned off.  You won’t be able to make up any missing work from wk 4 to wk 8 after Friday. May 22 because we will be moving on to the final topic of geometry.

Log into Mrs Crispin’s i learn page and I will be teaching this week’s lesson on one step equation.  This is an optional meeting, but I would love for you to join.

Please join me at 2:00 in i learn if you need help with this week’s math topic. At the top of the i learn page click on the big blue button and wait for everyone to join.

  1. Log into i learn and complete the videos, ixls and quiz. The quiz will be opened up for you to see on Wednesday.
  2. Log into I Ready and complete your 45 minutes
  3. Complete any missing work
  4. Important…. Important…. Important… Next week we will be having a review on everything algebra. This means that at the end of next week, algebra will be done. This also means… … that no late work for algebra will be accepted once we are onto our next topic. I have emailed many of you the assignments you need to do to get caught up. My advice would be to catch up on all of your missing work before the end of this week.

Please join me on your i learn page today at 2:00.

  1. go to ilearn
  2. click on mrs. crispin’s big blue button
  3. I hope to see you there

This week students will be learning about combining like terms in algebra. Please have students go to i learn to complete the assignments. they will need to complete four assignments before they can take the quiz. In Ilearn the assignment are done when the check mark is green. Reminder: for videos please watch to the end or the check won’t turn green and the assignment will not counts.

Also don’t forget to complete 45 minutes of i ready.

Finally, I will be teaching today’s lesson at 2:00 today. Students can log into i learn and click on something called the big blue button

Other math teachers are having meetings too. Make sure to click on the b next to Mrs. Crispin’s name

Today is Friday, May 1, 2020. All students should be completing their i learn quiz. Please make sure to do the i learn assignments and quiz from week 6 today. For this week, I learn is set with restrictions for the quiz. I learn will not let you take the quiz until you have green checks on everything in week 6. I will be putting these assignments into the gradebook Sunday morning. Last night I put in the grades of students who completed i learn so far. There are too many students not completing work. Please make sure you complete i learn ASAP.

I will be trying out something called the Big Blue Button Tuesday at 2:00. Please log into i learn and join the session at about 1:55.

I am treating this like the classroom so just a friendly reminder that appropriate classroom behavior and discussions are expected. I will teach this weeks lesson to you (so listen first, no talking/chatting in the beginning) Then at the end of the lesson I will open allow questions.

I hope you can join me on Tuesday, April 28 at 2:00 This is not required, but highly recommended if you are having difficulties with this weeks lesson or have some questions about math online procedures.

  1. Complete i learn by Saturday at midnight a) Watch a video with questions b) complete ixl Y4(6th) (80) c) Watch a short 2 minute Khan video d) complete ixl Y5(80) e) Quiz (I will be opening up the quiz Wednesday night so you can complete it sooner) Many students are forgetting to complete the quiz because it isn’t opened to see on Monday. Please don’t forget to check back later in the week for the quiz.

2. Complete 45 minutes of i ready. This is a change because I found that you needed more time for your new lessons that are in i learn.

3. Please look at your student connect to see if you are missing anything from weeks 4 and 5. If anything is blank (missing) you will need to complete this asap and then email me. I won’t update missing work in student connect unless you email me.

This weeks assignments are 60 minutes of i ready and then log into ilearn for the other assignments.

Please have your students log into student connect (in front of you) to see their current grade.

I will be placing a quiz on i learn every Friday. Everyone needs to do this to get a good grade.