Stats & T-PC Students: Thank you, again, to all those who signed up for Google Classroom! There are still a handful of students who have not enrolled yet. If you know of anyone who does not have online access, please let me know asap so we can get them a Chromebook. Enrollment percentages so far: 4th Hour: 100%, 1st & 2nd Hour:93%, 3rd Hour: 88%, 5th Hour:76%(?!?!?)

Your first assignment was posted in Google Classroom and is due tomorrow, Friday, by 8 pm!


Stats & T-PC Students: Thank you to all who signed up on Google Classroom! There are a few students in each hour who have not yet signed up. Please accept the invite sent directly from Google Classroom ASAP. It was sent via your school email account. Your first assignment will be posted later today and you don’t want to fall behind in this new normal!