School Reopening Committee

If you are interested in joining the districts committee, you MUST do the following:1. Review the available sub-committees (the highlighted ones) in the powerpoint in the link below. You must choose one to three (preferably three) sub-committees you are interested in.

2. You must send me back your feedback on the powerpoint of what ideas the district shared from the same link. That way, you will not be behind when we meet with the district on Thursday.
3. Finally, you must send me a few sentences (however many you would like) on why you would like to serve the committee. Students are rarely allowed a seat on the table, so I want to know that when given one, you will be passionate in representing your voice. 
If you’re not in the mental headspace to do this right now, reach out to me personally. I am here to make this as easy as possible for you. 
This needs to be completed by Wednesday at 3 o’clock. 
Thank you!

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