Tomorrow’s Quiz

  • Section 2.6, 2.7, 2.8
  • I can statements:
  • I can find the vertical asymptotes, horizontal asymptotes, x and y intercept of a rational function
  • I can sketch a rational function using the features listed above
  • I can solve an equation in one variable including fraction by creating common denominator
  • I can solve polynomial and rational inequalities by using a number line

Today’s Class: Thursday 11/30

  • Bell Work: SAT problem: Equivalent Rational Expressions BW Thu 11-30
  • We started section 2.7: Solving equations with one variable. Equations had fractions and the basic idea was to create a common denominator including polynomials. Students worked in pairs on each of the 4 sample problems then volunteers went up to show their work and class discussion took place. Section 2.7_day 1_Thu 11-30
  • Homework p232  1-12 and  p235 #50

Today’s Class: Wednesday 11/29

  • Bellwork   SAT review no calculator. We were able to find 4 different ways of solving the same question. BW Wed 11-29
  • Students worked in pairs and graphed rational functions by hand (without a calculator) after finding the x intercept, y intercept, vertical asymptotes and horizontal asymptotes.
  • we worked on problems 37 through 44 p226. We only got up to 39 and the rest is homework.
  • We discussed as a class and generalized about rational functions graphs

Today’s Class: Tuesday 11/28

  • Bellwork: Our bellwork was tied to the section we are working on (2.6) and students had to do it in Notes sections todayBW Tue 11-28
  • Day 2 of section 2.6. Students worked in pairs then students were picked randomly to go up on the board and show their work for 3 more sample problems. Section 2.6_day2_Practice problem_Tue 11-28
  • Homework for tomorrow  p226 31-36 show ur work by finding V.A, H.A, xint, y int then match the graphs to correct equationSketch the graph next to each equation