Friday 09/20 (Half Day: 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Today my 2nd and 3rd hour worked on reviewing some basic skills using Khan academy tasks. The tasks are due Monday morning (8 am) if you did not finish them in class, and here are the links:

Monday’s quiz

  • The Quiz will be Monday 09-23
  • it is a NO CALCULATOR quiz
  • Review all notes that were discussed in class and REDO all assigned homework problems
  • Here are the I can statements:
  1. Factor and Solve Quadratic equations
  2. I can convert between inequality and interval notation
  3. I can apply exponent rules and simplify expressions
  4. I can write an equation of a circle given the center and radius 
  5. I can find the radius and center of a circle using its equation 
  6. I can find the slope of a line from a given pair of points
  7. I can write in point slope form equations of a line parallel to a given line or perpendicular to a given line and passing through a given point.
  8. I can find how many real solutions does a quadratic equation have using the discriminant 
  9. I can rewrite absolute value expressions

Thursday 09/19

  • Today we did an SAT bell work
  • Students went up on the board and showed us two different ways of reasoning about it. Students did a great job on today’s bell work (pic attached)
  • we shared homework answers (slope and slope intercept form) also attached.
  • I demonstrated 2 sample problems on how to find the equation of a line parallel to another give line or perpendicular
  • Students worked as a group on practice problems
  • Groups shared their answers and we came up with steps as a class