fri 6-17

  • Due to the days off… Wednesday and Thursday … I was not able to correct the Museum Visit handouts
  • Your Checkpoints #5 and #6 were completed
  • Your FINAL project grade for Checkpoint #8 was also completed
  • Have a great fun summer… BEST of LUCK to you ALL at DHS!!!

fri 6-10

  • Project is due TODAY by the end of class time
  • No exceptions… this date was set from April 20
  • Plus it was originally due June 7 (we gave 3 extra days)
  • Anything updated after class time will NOT be corrected
    • You have a group entrance, link to TOPIC rooms
    • Topic Room museum decor, link to subtopic room
    • Subtopic Rooms with at least 2 visuals, paragraphs, video (per topic), link to references, link to go back to TOPIC room
    • Paragraph/sentences are not PLAGIARIZED
    • Group Library page, link back to museum
    • Reference page with citation in APA, link back to library
    • Links work
    • Names on each slide

mon 6-6

Checkpoint 8Project is due this Friday … June 10

  • Use CP 8 packet to see all reminders
  • Go through my old comments and correct the mistakes
  • Have a partner read over your paragraphs
  • Check your links…presentation mode
  • Do not leave large empty spaces on INFO slides
  • Do you have at least 10 sentences per INFO slide?
  • Is your paragraph/sentences PLAGIARIZED?
  • Did you Capitalize when needed?
  • Use Grammar Check… Use Spell Check
  • No blank backgrounds
  • Citations linked properly through citation machine APA

thurs 5-26

  • Checkpoint 7
    • will be due Fri 6-3
    • Kentucky trippers due Tues 5-31
  • In this checkpoint, students are required to add two videos per person per topic
    • Each person in the group must have one video per topic uploaded to gain full credit. A total of two videos. All videos must be from YouTube and viewable when clicked on. 16 points
    • Each video needs to be cited on their reference page, using 8 points
    • Each group must also hide (or skip) all slides in their google slides presentation. 4 points 
    • The final 2 points come from the group grade as well. Each member follows the above directions to get all. 2 points

wed 5-25

  • Starting Checkpoint 6… dues next wednesday
    • … Kentucky trippers… due Tuesday & Checkpoint 7
  • You will share your project in “viewer” mode with another group
    • I will assign groups in class
  • This work will be completed in class only
    • Create a group google doc
    • … copy the 8 questions…see Unit 6 Project packet
    • … answer the 8 questions together (5pts each)
    • … each person has a diff perspective so share all opinions
    • … critique the whole project in presentation mode
    • … when you’re done… share the doc with the other group

mon 5-23

  • Checkpoint 5 is due Wednesday- LINKS
  • 1. Museum entrance
    • TOPIC “pillars” have links to TOPIC slides
    • Then a link back from Topic Slide to Entrance
  • 2. Topic slides will have a links for each subtopic to the info slide
    • Subtopic slide will have a link to RETURN back to the Topic room
  • 3. Main Library slide will need a link to your reference page
    • Then a link back to the main Library page
  • 4. Each info slide needs a “reference” link to the main library
    • Then add “Back to Museum Entrance” to the main library slide
  • Write out the LAST 2 subtopic SLIDES… 2 Ps each-20pts

fri 5-20

  • Today: Exit Exam
  • If you earned 75% or less and want to retake:
    • Complete the review questions sheet/flashcards
    • Retake after school Tuesday
  • Homework:
    • Keep working on Checkpoint #5 this weekend
    • It is due Tuesday