mon 3-11 and tues 3-12

Monday: Sub day

  • Read first pages of Chapter 9
  • Completed the Word Splash handout


  • Checked the Word Splash answers
  • Modeled how to do Preamble chart
  • Had some time in class to work in groups


  • Finish the Preamble chart Ch 9 Preamble
    • Past events CHOICES for column 3: Soldiers were sent to British trials for accused crimes in colonies, Articles of Confederation were not uniting the 13 states, the Boston Massacre, King George was a tyrant, Intolerable Acts, Quartering Act, Forming the Continental Army and militias

thurs 3-7 and fri 3-8


  • Sub-day… Using the Scholastic that was read in class yesterday
    • completed graph questions using QAR
    • wrote a CER
    • work turned in at the end of class


  • Field Trip
    • 1st hour and 6th hour… QUIA vocabulary review and buddy study with flashcards


  • Chapter 8 Retake test are today after school 3-3:30
  • Study Ch 9 terms … QUIA and flashcards