week of 1-16 to 1-20

  • Monday– No school MLK trip for 10 pts … see last blog post
  • Tuesday– Presentations and handouts (Adams and Jefferson)
  • Wednesday– Presentations and handouts (Madison and Monroe)
    • HWAny handouts not done, must be completed for homework
  • Thursday
    • BW– Wrap up any leftover handouts
    • Today– Group do Corrections for their handouts
  • Friday– leftover presentations, corrections

Friday sub day :(

I was too sick to come in today. Presentations will be moved from today till next week. Tuesday, John Adams and Jefferson Wednesday Madison in Monroe

Using the slide links from yesterday’s presentation, finish the George Washington and political parties hand out. Turn them in. 

Work on practicing for the upcoming presentations next week. 

You have extra time to look over your student worksheet and posters.

Please put the posters back on the window ledge when you are done. 

mon 1-9, tues 1-10, wed 1-11

tues 12-13 to fri 12-17 … unit 3 project