tues 4-20

  • Odd address students are IN SCHOOL today for M-Step testing
  • All other students are at home
    • Complete asycnrhouns work for CORE classes
    • Go to your regular ZOOM class times for EXTENDED CORE (like gym, art, music)
  • I will be available for LABS today if you need me 2:00-3:15
  • I posted the following for today:

tues 4-6 and wed 4-7

Hope you had a restful Spring Break 🙂


  • As a class we analyzed the The American Progress portrait/painting
  • Took notes for BW#17
  • Using the notes we took in class… write a paragraph about the portrait. 
    • Submit using KAMI 
    • Color code your sentences as I have shown.  RED, GREEN, and BLUE to stay focused.
  • If you need a video recording of the lesson and BW#17, click here LESSON Video and the code is M%7$h9^z