Week of 5/4


Here are the plans for the week, including spelling words. I will be posting some links on dojo for videos the students can watch this week! We are going to continue working with long vowels, we will put some worksheets into the plans for next week that you can print if you would like for additional practice.


Hope everyone enjoyed the weather this weekend!

Mrs. Chammout

Week of April 27 – Update

Hello Families!

We wanted to give you all an update about the status of Google Meets and how the Kindergarten team will move forward with live video chats.  Unfortunately, Dearborn is no longer allowing teachers to use Google Meets or Zoom for live chats with our students.  With much consideration for our students and families and the workload you all have had to take on, we have decided that we will not move to another platform such as Big Blue Button and teach our families/students something new.  We will continue to provide our students with the best online education in town and believe this is the best method for our students!  We will still continue to use everything we have been doing since March, but you will notice more recorded videos being posted on dojo with new content to watch. I will put new learning activities that relate on SeeSaw for those who have chosen to participate, and this is how we will do our show and tell that was planned for our meet tomorrow. Even though we cannot see each other in real time, we will still be able to see each other on recorded videos and will continue to encourage each other in a virtual way. If you would like me to pass along your contact information to another parent so you can set up virtual chats, I am more than happy to do that through dojo.

We hope you are all doing well and staying safe!  We miss you more than words can say!

Love, The Kindergarten Team 

Here is the link to the plans for this week: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZUBUJIBBg50fW-_wg9nG6jwYhl1jzSbhDy_NBLfOfR4/edit

I will post activities that go along with the spelling words on Seesaw.

Week of April 27th

Here is the link to the plans for the week, including the new spelling words.


The worksheets that are linked in blue are activities that go along with the spelling words. There are also blend/digraph activities linked for you to print if you are not able to get on and do the activities on reading eggs or seesaw.

Just a reminder that I have now added seesaw as an additional app you can use in place of the others. The minutes remain the same for the week. If you would like to use seesaw, please send me a dojo message for help logging in. We have a had a few students try and LOVE it!

Continued Learning Update


I wanted to provide you an update with what to expect following the Governor’s requirement of District plans for Continued Learning requirements in Dearborn. Homework and online attendance will count for 4th card marking grades in Dearborn!  Here is the press release from our Superintendent: Dearborn Continued Learning Plan

Grading: The district has now switched over to participation grades for 4th card marking . The grading will be as followed: 

  • Meeting: Student has completed all work for the week, they were active on all 3 programs for the minimum time required by the district (Seesaw, RAZ kids/Reading Eggs, Math Seeds). 
  • Progressing: Student has completed most work for the week, they were active on 2 programs for the minimum time required by the district. 
  • Limited Participation: Student has completed some work for the week, they were active on only 1 program for the minimum time required by the district (RAZ-Kids, Reading Eggs, Math Seeds). 
  • Zero: Students were not active on our programs this week. 

If you do not have access to technology, please let the teacher know!  To accommodate families, we have also included worksheets in our weekly plans posted on the blog every Monday morning. You may check in with the teacher and let them know you have completed alternative work/ worksheets for participation by sending them a picture via email, Seesaw or the Remind App.

Google Meets: Each week, I am planning to do a virtual  meet up with my students on google meets. Every Tuesday at 10:30 am will be our designated virtual meeting time:).  I will place the link in Dojo on Monday mornings.  I can’t wait to see and talk to my students and families!

Few things before our meetings:

  1. If you are working from a laptop/computer/chromebook you should not need to download anything like zoom. If you are on a phone or iPad, download the Google Meets app, send me a dojo message if you need help 🙂
  2. I am going to ask for your help with the first meeting. We have seen that when too many students are on, it is hard for them to hear each other and me. On Zoom I was able to mute the students if I needed to say something, but that feature is not available with google meets. I am going to ask that parents show your child how to MUTE and UNMUTE during our video chats so that when they are not speaking, they can turn their sound off and hear me 🙂
  3. In order to view our whole class, you will need to make sure you have the Google Meet Grid View. You can download this view on google chrome.
  4. I am NOT an expert at google meets. I am very new at this and will be learning with all of you. Please be patient and understanding during this trial time…I appreciate you!
  5. On THURSDAYS at 10:30 am I am also available to help students and parents with anything they need. If you would like me to video chat with you, please just send me a dojo message and I am happy to help out!

Specials: The specials teachers will be checking in to see that your child is completing Art, Music, and Physical Education skills each week. You can find their iblog links on the weekly assignment sheet that is provided on Mondays.  The special teachers will be grading your child for 4th cardmarking as well, so please make sure to visit their blogs regularly. 

In Summary…

  1. Make sure to join our virtual meetings via Google Meets every Tuesday at 10:30 am!
  2. Make sure to complete weekly assignments (posted on Monday morning)! 90 minutes a day!
  3. Log onto RAZ kids, Reading Eggs, and Math Seeds each day! 
  4. Participate in Gym, Art and Music each week! 

Online Learning Plans:Week of April 20th


Here are the plans for this week. It follows the same format as last week but has been updated with the new spelling words and math lessons for the week. All links in blue you can click on and view the website or activity we have attached. There are new blend worksheets for you to print for the week and work on.


Please let me know if you have any questions. Starting this week we will be tracking and reporting to both the District and State of Michigan which students are participating in the remote learning. Students who are on all 3 programs will be considered “high participation”, students who are on 2 programs for the week will be considered “medium participation”, students who are on one program for the week will be “low participation” and students who do not log into the online programing will be “zero participation”. Per district requirements, students who are low and zero participation will be contacted by the teacher each week.

The programs we are tracking are:

  1. Raz Kids
  2. Reading Eggs
  3. Math Seeds

Let me know if you need anything,

Mrs. Chammout

Online Learning- Week 4


Here are the plans for the week! Anything that is blue is a link you can click on that will either take you to the needed webpage or worksheet you may need. We have added the spelling lists so you are able to practice the spelling patterns they need to know before 1st grade. We have also updated the math lessons for the week so you are able to keep up in their succeed workbook.


Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!

Mrs. Chammout