April 12, 2024

Hello! Time got away from me this afternoon so I will keep this short. Due to an oversight on our part, we did not have busing to attend our weekly job sites today. This time of year, the buses are used for high school students who have testing and half days. We will not have CBI on Tuesday April 16th for the same reason, and we will resume our normal schedule on April 17th. Because of this, some students had lunch and others did not – so students were treated to pizza for lunch today! Most will probably bring home their packed lunch, unless they decided to eat it during a break!

Please don’t forget about the parent meeting next Tuesday the 16th – see previous blog post for details. This will be full of great information and is recommended for every parent! It will be right here at Hype at 10 a.m.!

Other than early release on Tuesdays, there are no upcoming dates this month that you need to be aware of, but please see the previous post for the days we have scheduled through the end of the year. I will attach it again next week.

Have a great weekend!

~Camp and Cote