November 3, 2023

Hello! Conferences are coming up and the link to sign up was sent on Remind a few weeks ago. Please don’t forget to sign up if you would like to meet with us. I will resend the link before the end of the day for those that missed it.

We are now into the second card marking and expectations have increased in the classroom. Responsibilities have increased as well as expectations in the classroom and at job sites. What that means is that there will be less reminders/warnings and more consequences.

One overall theme in the classroom has been making sure students come to school “ready” to work, whether it is in the classroom or at a job site. The first step to being “ready” means demonstrating good personal hygiene. Good personal hygiene means students are coming to school showered, with clean clothes, deodorant and no body odor. This is the first step in finding and keeping employment.

Upcoming Dates:

Nov 7 – No School – Professional Development

Nov 22-24 – No School – Thanksgiving Break

Have a great weekend!

~Camp and Cote